Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bye Bye Training Wheels

Owen out grew his little boy bike so we got him a big boy bike about a month ago. Ever since we got it Stewart has been trying to convince Owen to take off the training wheels, after lots of tears and fights between them (but mostly between mom and dad) Stewart finally backed off. Yesterday Owen came running in from outside telling me he was ready to ride on 2 wheels after realizing that it was actually his choice not Dad's,the training wheels came off. He was gone. He did so good.
Here he is cruising down the street like a Pro
Owen hates to wear his helmet he says it makes his head itchy, but now he doesn't have a choice, plus I think he looks so cute in it. Owen has some crazy obsession with Kick Stands or Kick Sticks is what he calls them. He has been begging and pleading for one. We told him he could have one has soon as he rode on two wheels. The instant he rode by himself he was reminding us of the deal. So off the Target we went. He was so excited to have the Kick Stand he had to have kicked it up and down at least 100 times. I didnt realize they were such a hot commodity. Here is with his new bike no training wheels and a kick stand.
I feel like my baby is growing up way to fast before I know it he is going to be asking to borrow the car! HAAAA
He is now trying to convince us that he is ready to ride to Safeway, I am thinking Not!! Some more practice first then we can do the 2.5 miles again. Good work Son I am proud of you.

Monday, May 26, 2008


I finally did it and I am so glad I did. I am now offically PRIVATE!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fathers and Sons

This weekend was Fathers & Sons for our ward, due to the weather it got canceled. Owen was already so excited to go so Stewart decided to take him in spite of the weather. They left at 12 on Friday, when Ethan realized he wasn't going I think he about lost him mind. He stood at the back door and cried saying "me go Da Da" it was so sad.
This is Ethan in the Living room looking out the window, he spent the last 2 days there looking for his Dad and Brother. He kept yelling "Da Da, Owa (sort for Owen)

They went with Ray and Noah and Some other men from the ward they had a blast. Stewart said it only sprinkled and that the kids loved playing in all the puddles of water. They took them on hikes, played in mud, ate junk food, made fires and BBQ. What more could a little boy ask for.

Here's Stewart and Owen
Noah and Owen acting silly of course
Owen playing in the puddles of water in his new fancy rain boots

Owen and Noah
My cute little Camper
Apparently Owen was too interested in cooking that he didn't eat his own dinner. Stewart said he woke up at 3 am gaging because he was hungry, a couple of granola bars and he was back asleep. Crazy Kid
This pictures scares me just looking at it. Stewart said he was very daring in wanting to look off the cliffs and rocks.
What great trip for them. I am so glad Stewart is such a great Dad and took him in spite of the rain. They had a good time. I cant believe how much I missed having them around and Ethan was completely lost with out them , My house was clean and quite but I couldn't wait for them to get home. I am glad you had fun but even happier you home safe and sound.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Big 21!!

Today is my Brother Jason's Birthday. He turned the big 21!! Jason and I are 9 years apart so most of my memories of him are from childhood. Jason was born into a family of 4 girls. We were all so excited when we were finally going to have a brother. However the poor kid got abused by his 4 older sisters. Jason has very thick curly hair (just like Owen) so when it got longer he looked like a little girl. We would dress him up in our clothes, put our Cabbage Patch Kids pink glasses on him and call him Jessica. This routine happened quite often until he was old enough to understand what we were doing to him. Then the nick name sort legs (cuz he was sooo tall) or JB Dums came into play. When he was young he had a hard time saying his name and we called him JB sort for Jason Blake and Dum was his way of saying Adams. When we were younger my parents had a boat we would go to Lake Powell all the time. It was around the sametime Shania Twain was popular and I remember him sitting at the front of the boat singing "I feel like a Women" he can always make people laugh with joking personality. He was such a great sport and put up with all the torture of his sisters. Growing up Jason was such a protector of his Mom and Sisters, even though he was considerably younger then us he would stand up to any one. I remember my senior year my sister Stacy got married and at her wedding one of the Grooms Men wouldn't leave me alone, Jason walked right up to him and told him to leave me alone or he was going to have to deal with him, let me remind you that he was only like 9 years and this guys was probably about 20. He has always been the one to defend people, wether it be the shy, not so popular kid at school or his family you could always count on him. Jason looks so much like Adam Sandler, my family loves to watch any movie with him in it, sometime his personalities are even the same. Jason always brings a smile to my face he can lite up the room with his contagious smile. He gives the best Bear Hugs, he is about 6'4 and when he wraps his arms around you its like being hugged by a cuddly bear. Jason holds a very special spot in my heart. He is my only Brother and someone that I love dearly. Ever since Owen was a baby he and Jason had a great connection. Owen talks about his Uncle Jason all the time and misses him. We haven't had much contact with Jason over the past year or so, but not a day goes by that I don't think about him.
This is a picture of Owen ,Uncle Jason, and Ashlee on Christmas Eve. Owen was so excited to see himI love this picture of Owen and Jason. This picture was taken like 3 years ago at my Moms house. When ever Owen looks at this picture he says "Uncle Jason is laying on top of the water asleep with me on his belly, how did he do that?" Owen thinks he has some Super Hero Powers or something.

I don't even know if Jason reads this blog but, on the off chance that he does I just want him to know how much I care about him. Where ever you find yourself on this special day I hope you are happy healthy and safe. I hope you know how much we all love and miss you. I have great childhood memories of you but some adult ones would be great too. Hold your head up high, you are a great person have a great day. Lots of Love from your Big Sis!!
Happy Birthday Brother

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Owen's Graduation

Today was Owen's Preschool Graduation. Mrs. K had a great program for all us proud Parents. It was so fun to see all the wonderful things she has taught our kids. She asked all the kids to tell us what they wanted to be and Owen said he wanted to be a Knight in Shining Armor. I wonder what the pay scale for that job is? I am so excited that Owen is going to Kindergarten next year but so sad that he wont have Mrs. K as a teacher anymore. She is great I owe Owen's smartness to her. I sat and cried like a baby through the whole program I wasnt alone I had a great teacher of tears with me thanks Mom, you would have thought we were at a funeral. I just love how much she cares for these kids and how much she enjoys teaching. Owen loves her and will be so sad when he realizes that she really won't be at Kindergarten.
Doesn't he look so dang cute in his Cap and Gown!!

Here he is the proud holder of his Pre-Kindergarten Certificate with Mrs. K. She also did awards for the kids. Last year Owen got the "Smarter than Mrs. K " Award and this year he got the "Rocket Scientist" award. She said he has question for everything. That's my boy!! His prize was a Rocket. Owen is obsessed with rockets he was happy to receive that.

Here he is Mr. Happy himself with Calvin, Kai and Jackson

Two peas in a pod. These two boys just loved being in school together for the past 2 years. Owen keeps asking if Kai will be at kindergarten. They played so great together I am glad he has became such good friends with him and hopefully he will find some else that is just as great next year.

Mrs. K thanks again for another great year. I am sure you will go down in history in Owen's eye's. You are wonderful we will miss you!!

I am really proud of Owen and what he has accomplished over the past 2 years. I know that it is just preschool but I think he did such a great job. I love you buddy, I am proud to be your Mom and blessed you picked me!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The New Local Hair Dresser

I don't know what it is about my Laundry room but for some reason people will say and do anything, while getting their hair done. Stewart has always said "If the walls of the Laundry Room could talk there would be a lot of people in trouble" well that was what I did tonight. I feel into the trap of Bekki. I have needed to get into the salon to get my hair colored but can never find the time to do it. Bekki has offered a million times but I kindly decline. Color can be a scary thing and I really don't want Pink hair (no offense Bek it looks great on you but I couldnt pull it off). Well tonight I succumbed to peer pressure once again. Yes,I let Bekki color my hair, or should I say Apply the color to my hair. I mixed the color she put it on my head. Stewart was glad, when I make him color my hair he always complains that the gloves are to tight. She actually did a great job. So I wanted to let everyone know she is taking new Clients :) Here she is putting the color on. The things Bek and I do can sometime be a little scary, but I must say I had full trust and confidence in my new little hair dresser. She did however reach for the scissors that's when she was cut off.
Aren't we cute in our shower caps. Oh the things Women do to look pretty.

We actually had a great time, but what do you expect,
Bek + Mel = FUN
Thanks Bekki!

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Garden?

(Warning: This post you may think is full of bragging but that is a Mothers right!)
Stewart and I have been very undecided with what we should do with Owen next year for school. He misses the cut off date for Kindergarten by 1 week. He has already had 2 years of Preschool with the BEST teacher out there, we kinda thought 3 years would be over kill. After talking to his teacher and each other we decided to test him to see if he could even go early. I took him on Saturday for the testing and they called me this morning to tell us he got in. They asked him a total of 90 questions. He had to write his alphabet lower and upper case, know the sounds off all the letters, count to 50, write his numbers, write his name first and last, pattern things, color, recognize and draw his shapes and cut things out. He got 89 correct apparently Owen is not the best Diamond drawer which seems a little weird to me that they would even have him draw a diamond but Whatever he is clearly ready for Kindergarten with only missing one and he will not be a Diamond Designer when he grows up. I am so proud of him. He did such a good job, he is such a smart little boy and loves school. He did however inform us that we need to build a garden now, I asked way and he said " MOM I am going to Kinder Garden" I guess that wasn't one of the questions of the test. :) We are excited for him to be able to go to school with his friends from church and he is so excited to be able to ride the bus. Yeah for him, and for me, no more driving to school. :) So you may wonder, where does the brains come from? Well duh me of course. :) (not)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Better late than NEVER!!

Happy Birthday Kathleen. I hope you have had a great BirthdayKathleen is the Funnest person to be around. She always makes me laugh. I am so glad she moved into our ward so now I can see her more than once a year for hair appointment. She has greatest hair, so she doesn't have to come very often but, I always love it when she does come. She is a wonderful Mother and Friend. I love how honest and up front she is.
Bekki and I had a blast acting like teenagers decorating her house last night while she was sitting in the room right in front of us with the lights on, blinds drawn, and the windows OPEN. We were army crawling across the patio laughing our butts off. So next year can you please not be so stubborn when your husband tries to get you out of the office. So who wears the pants in that relationship? :) It actually made it more fun knowing that you could have possibly heard us. I hope you 16th birthday was everything you dreamed of and more.
Happy Birthday

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Hunny

Owen insisted on having Party Hats and Party Blowers, Don't they look Cute
Today is Stewart's Birthday. I wanted to give him a Birthday Shout out. I know all of you think that you have the most amazing Husband ,but I cant help and wonder how that can be, because I am Married to the MOST wonderful, amazing person.

Not only is he a great Husband but he is the BEST Dad to our two boys. When Stewart is gone durning the day Owen repeatedly tells me how he misses his Dad and Ethan thinks that every time a door is opened that it is Dad and he comes racing through the house screaming "Da Da" and is very sad when all he sees is me. Whats up with that. Stewart will spend endless hours on the trampoline or in the Sandbox with the boys, and if you live anywhere near us you can account to the fact that he LIVES at the park with the boys. Nothing brings me more JOY than seeing such a large man such as my husband getting down to there level and playing like a kid and not caring what anyone else thinks.

* Stewart is kind, loving, and patient with me and the kid's. He never raises his voice with us and that I know has got to be difficult at times.

* He is a great example of a hard worker

*He loves the Lord

* He thinks Taco Bell is Mexican food an loves it :(

*He's funny, he's the biggest jokester he makes me laugh all the time

*He is so giving, he will but everyone Else's needs in front of his own, he would do anything for anyone

*Hes Forgiving, no matter what I do he doesn't hold a grudge and is always the first to say Sorry. (the Lord knew I would need that in a Husband)

*He hates Chocolate and Cheese (wierd I know)

*He is my Best Friend

But the biggest reason why I love him so much is because he puts up with ME!! I feel blessed to have him for Eternity. I am proud of him and his accomplishments he has made in his life. I couldn't have asked for anything more in a Husband. Stewart I love you and look forward to spending the rest of my life with you. Thank you for everything you so for me and the kids.

Happy Birthday

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Mom

I love Mother's Day not because I am a Mother myself but because it is the one day that you can say all the wonderful things about your Mom and not look weird for doing it.
My mom is such a wonderful person. I have learned so much from her. Here are some fun and factual things about My Mommy:

* She always puts everyone Else's needs in front of her own

* She is a good listener

* She is a perfectionist, I remember as a kid going shopping with her and if we wanted to buy something with stripes she had to make sure the stripes were lined up perfectly from front to back.

* She is a great cook

* She is Awesome with the sewing machine. When I was pregnant with Ethan 2 of my sisters were pregnant too, and every time I talked to my mom she was sewing something for the new babies. She made blankets, bibs, burp cloths, etc.

* She loves to spoil the grand kids, theres a gift for every occasion, and there are gifts for no occasion

*She loves the Gospel and is a great example of it

*She cried when Brooke White got kicked off of American Idol :)

*Shes the only person I can text at midnight and get a response within minutes

* She loves her Kids and would do ANYTHING for them

*She had her parents and two brothers living with her and my Dad, all at the same time and never complained. So if your looking for a place to live there new motto is Mi Casa es Su Casa""
*She is responsible for this:

*She gives SONIC workers Christmas presents
*She's Forgiving

*Every morning she makes 2 drinks when she gets up, 1 water and 1 Diet Coke. If there was a shortage of Diet Coke we would have a SERIOUS problem

*She loves Black licorice

*She is kind, loving, compassionate, giving the list could go on and on but I think you get my point. I love my Mom and am so grateful she is in my life.

Thanks for being so good to me and my family. We all love you very much. Your selfless acts don't go unnoticed.

Happy Mother's Day Mom

Saturday, May 10, 2008

We celebrated Mother's Day at my Parent's house tonight. With every one's Sunday schedules it just seemed easier. We had a great time. I thought it would be a cute picture to get all the women of the family and their kids. With a Mom, 4 sisters, an Aunt, 9 grand kids and a cousin I think it turned out pretty good. We gave the kids Ice Cream Cones and they were all eating them in a line in the backyard. No one told them to go sit there but all 10 of them found a spot right next to the rocks for an easy easy throw into the pool. Sorry Dad, someday the kids will be old enough to know that the rocks don't belong in the pool, but for now I call it bad pool design on your part:)

Alyssa and Ethan filling up their cup with rocks for a nice splash in the pool Mark, Owen, and Ashlee enjoying there coneMy Uncle Doug just moved down here form Utah. He is a Salesman for a Harley Dealership in Chandler. Owen loves his bike. He thinks it is one cool, blue bike. He finally got the guts to ask if he could sit on it. He thought he was so cool. After we got in the car he said "Mom, next time I want to see that Uncle Doug can drive it" So Doug get geared up!

After Owen got off Ethan kept saying "Me, Me" so he got a turn too.
Grandpa and Ethan Once again an eventful night at the Adams household. Thanks Mom and Dad we had a great time. Owen and Ethan always enjoy there time and Grandma and Grandpas house in fact as we pulled into the drive tonight Owen asked what time we were going back tomorrow. Sorry son they live to far away or as Grandpa would say "We live to far away".

Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother's Day Party

Yesterday was Owen's Mothers Day party for school. They had the cutest program for all of us proud mom's. When we first got there she had all the kids in a line holding their names and on the table was portraits they had drawn of their mom's, we had to take our child's name and guess which drawing was of us. It was kinda tricky will 12 other little kids drawings but right away I knew which one was Owen's I kept questioning myself because other mom's thought it was their child's too. I put my name on it and sure enough I was RIGHT
Here I am man I am cuteHere's Owen holding his picture with two other names on it
They sang and signed a Mothers song it was adorable
They planted flowers for us
The best part of the program was when she played
"How well do you know your MOM"?
it was so funny here are Owens answers he did pretty good:
What is your mom's favorite color? Red (Correct)
How much does your Mom weigh? 31lbs. (well that's a no brainer, Correct)
How old is your Mom? 30 (Correct)
Where's your Mom's Favorite place to eat? Chilli's (I don't know if that is my fav. but we do go there a lot)
What color is your Mom's hair? Brown (Correct)
How much does your Mom love you? As big as the big big world (Correct)
Why do you love your Mom? He told Mrs. K that he didn't want to tell everyone and that he would tell me at home, but on his sheet he said Because She is the best Mommy in the world (Correct)
What is your Mommy's Favorite thing to Play? Watch T.V. (I guess I need to turn the TV off)
What is your Mommy's job? To cut hair (Correct)
If you could buy your Mom anything for Mothers Day what would it be? New Clothes (Its pretty bad when your 4yr. old thinks your wardrobe needs help)
One of Owen's friends said that he would buy him Mom black paint. What 4yr. olds say is so funny.
Besides the T.V. thing he was right on, I mean I clearly weigh 31 lbs right? He did such a good job. I am so proud of him and really enjoyed being there with him. Mrs. K once again did such a Wonderful Job.

A Great Day

So today has been a great day so many fun stuff has Happened. First and for most Doesn't my blog look so dang cute? As much as I would love to take credit for this great design I can't. My old roommate and long time friend Heidi did for me. She is so talented in many areas and apparently blog design needs to be added to her list. So Thank you Heidi you did a wonderful job.

Another great thing that happened today is I FINALLY convinced a great friend of mine to join the blogging world. The two of us were soooo Anti- blog, then I feel in to the peer pressure of all of you and since then I have been working over time on her so maybe I caught her at a weak moment, or maybe she got sick and tired of me bugging her, but truthfully I think she really secretly always wanted one but was to stubborn to admit until today. Well whatever the reason I am glad she is now doing it. So you ask who is it? Well I promised her I wouldn't reveal her name so FBI groupies you got a new case. Good luck and really it shouldn't be too difficult.

Stewart finished his first semester of school. He did a great job of course. I was worried about what life would be like with a student as a husband but it has been great. I am really proud of him and excited for what the future has in store for us. However, he does have 3 weeks off before the summer session starts so hopefully we will have not annoyed each other to death by then.:) Just kidding I really love having him around and even though it drives mom crazy the kids enjoy the teasing and rough housing.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Jenni Dear!!

(Jenni I stole this pic from your blog, hope you don't mind)

Today is Miss Jenni's Birthday. I though I should do a shout out for her. Here are some things I love about Jenni:
*She Always makes me laugh no matter what.
*I love her sense of humor.
*There is no faking it with Jenni she is real and she will say it how it is.
*She is a great Mom of 2 soon to be 3 beautiful children.
*Her and her Husband are the Cutest couple.
*She is/was a great work out partner.
*She has such a friendly Smile.
*She is a great friend and Listener.

If you don't already know and love her you are missing out. She is one great girl. To bad I didn't know her sooner. Jenni I hope you have a Great Birthday. I am glad that I have gotten to know you better. Thanks for being such a Great friend to me. Love ya lots :)

Happy Birthday!!!!!