Monday, April 28, 2008

Going Private

I have decided to go Private. There are some things going on right now in our life and we would like to keep our personal life Private. Please leave me your email address if you want an invite.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our fun weekend

We had the best Weekend it was full of fun, family and lots of Laughs. My Grandma and Grandpa are in town from Utah so My sister Stacy had a swim party at her house on Friday. The kids had so much fun. Thanks to to Bullock's for that one!!

Here's Owen with his Grandma D and Grandpa Owen

It took about an hour to convince Owen to get in the pool, once he was in we couldn't get him out. This is Owen and Ashlee

What a crazy but fun bunch of kids

I thought that I would take the opportunity to do a photo shoot on the waterfall
L to R) Katie, Ashlee, Kylee,Kayden, Adam, Tommy, and Owen

Owen and his Dad

Ethan and Austin were there, Ethan wanted nothing to do with the pool and Austin wasn't in the pool durning pictures I do however like this picture of him. He is to fast and sneaky all I have to say is "Where was the Parental Supervision" ?

This is where Ethan was all night

Saturday afternoon we took the kids on a bike ride down the bike path at the Queen Creek wash we had such a great time when we were done we took the kids over to feed the Ducks at Power Ranch. Owen wanted his cousins Kayden and Ashlee to come so we went and got them too.

Owen loves these two. I was glad they were able to come. Ashlee was cracking us up she would feed the Ducks and then feed herself a piece she said her mom taught her that :)

This Teeter Totter is the Coolest all of them can be on it at the same time. Kayden liked to rock in the middle she said that it was her new favorite sport "See Saw Dancing" her parents should be so proud :) I am sure somewhere it is a sport right?

Ethan trying to be a big boy and cross on the moving monkey bar

Owen and Ashlee

Ethan will never look at me when I have the camera he sees that I am pointing it at him and he looks the other way. That little Stinker

Our Weekend was so much fun. I love spending time with my Family and actually doing something besides sitting around.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rest in Peace

Fluffy Jones
Guess we will actually have to spray our weeds now that she wont be eating them anymore

I am sad to report that Fluffy has left his mortal life. Fluffy came into our lives at a time I didn't think we could enjoy a pet, but Fluffy has changed my views on animals. I actually kinda liked the thing. We let it just roam around our backyard, and it kept getting out of our backyard but she would always come home. I would be working and my clients would say "Do you know there is a bunny on your front porch?" Sure enough it was Fluffy I would walk out front she would hop over to me and I would take her out back almost like what a dog would do. Well I was afraid that one of these days she wouldn't return so Stewart and Owen poured a cement curb under the fence yesterday and apparently that threw her over the edge she didn't feel like life was worth living anymore. I guess we took away her free agency. We found her dead on the back porch this morning Owen said "shes not dead, she is just laying really still" yeah with only one eye open. Anyways Fluffy went away tonight in an Eggo's box over to the dumpster at Capitol Pacific Homes along with a bunch of junk from our garage hey we paid for that stupid dumpster, anyway to get back some of our lost money with them. Fluffy you will be missed and remember you made the record for the longest living animal at the Jones house feel privileged. Lets face it we are not animal people!! Sorry boys!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What a Relief

As some of you know we have had some medical problems with Owen over the last few months. It all started in January when I was noticing Blood in his Urine. We took him into the Doctors and over the last four months they have done a series of test on him to try to find the problem. At one point his urine had so much blood in it it looked like fruit punch. That night we ended up in the ER were they did blood work, urine tests, ultrasounds of his kidneys, gallbladder, spleen, liver and what ever other organ they could get a hold of and luckily everything came back OK, but the blood was still there. My pediatrician sent us to a urologist who suggested we get a cystoscopy done where they go up through his Pee Pee and look to see if they find a problem. My Pediatrician told us to hold off because it is such an invasive test he didn't want it to to be done unless it was necessary, he told us to watch for the next month and see if the blood is still there, sure enough it was. I toke him back to the Doctor on Friday and he said that we should get the test done because he shows the signs of Bladder Cancer!! WHAT back up the truck did you say CANCER? This is my precious little 4 year old there is no way he could have that. Well as you can imagine I was a wreck all weekend, of course this news has to be given on a Friday. I stressed, I cried, I prayed my heart out, and I freaked out about this all weekend. Monday morning I talked to the Urologist and they scheduled the procedure to be done the next day which was Tuesday. Tuesday morning we took Owen done to Phoenix Children's Hospital to get this done. We spoke with the Doctor before the procedure and I told him was the pediatrician had said a bout the "C" word, he told us that he specializes in tumors in children and that he was in good hands. The outcome couldn't have been better. Owen actually had a piece of skin internally that covered a portion of his urethra so when he peed the urine would hit the skin and over time it became irritated and torn hence that is where the blood was coming from. The doctor cut off the skin and cauterized it and he said he should be good as new, he said everything else looked perfect. If I wasn't afraid of pulling a muscle or hospitalizing myself I would have done a cart wheel.

I learned a really big lesson this past weekend. We were faced with something that was very scary for our family, I felt helpless there was nothing I could do to make it go away. I found myself praying more, reading my scriptures more, I even wrote in my Journal. Why is it that when we are faced with a trail we do these simple things with dedication when they are things we should be doing anyways? I know the Lord will not give us a trial we cant handle at the time it was questionable if I could or not but I learned from it and I believe I am a better person because of it. I felt closer to my Heavenly Father and my Family because of it. I am so grateful that my little Owen is okay, the thought of something so horrible happening to someone so helpless and young was so sad to me. My Grandmother just fought Cancer and it was such a scary sad time. My heart goes out to all those people who have loved ones who are sick. There is nothing harder that seeing your own child in pain. Thank you to all of your prayers, phone calls, thoughts and Aimees yummy dinner. I have a great family and great friends we wouldn't have made it through this with out you. We love you Owen and are so glad you are better and we love all of you thanks for your thoughts and prayers!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Our Zoo Trip

Warning this is a long post

Owen's Preschool had a field trip to the Zoo on Tuesday. We had such a great time. Lucky for us We had Owen, Jackson and Kai with the Map leading us through the Zoo.The Three Little Monkey's hanging around
Owen, Mrs. K, Kai, and Jackson
Mrs. K told Owen to come stand next to her and give her a hug and Owen moved as far as possible away. (Little stinker little does she know he doesn't stop talking about her at home, he loves Mrs. K)
Crazy kids
Owen, Jackson, Calvin and Kai

Looking in to the Sting Ray Exhibit
This picture was taking right after Jackson got soaked by a Sting Ray it was so funny he was literally gasping for air it got him pretty dang good.

Ethan trying to be a big boy with Owen and his buddiesMr. Ethan trying to jump in the waterOwen and JacksonOwen and KaiSaying good bye is such and ordeal with these three, even when I pick Owen up from school they will hung each other and sometimes say how they are going to miss each other it is a crack up.

We had such a great time once again with Jackson and Kai. These three boys have been in school together for 2 years. They love playing with each other. Owen has became friends with other boys in his class but when we all get together Kai and Jackson is who he wants to play with. Next year they will all be in different schools :(, I don't think Owen will know what to do without them. He has had such a great time at Heart and Hands preschool, his teacher is great and he has such wonderful friends. I hope next year will just as fun for him somewhere new.

"Freddy" the elephant is Owen's new addition to his stuff animals. This boys collection of "Pets" as he calls them is out of control and he has to sleep with all of them each night.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lets Go Fly A Kite

After Conference today we decided to take advantage of the great weather before its gone so we went to the Park. Owen has been wanting to fly his kite that the Easter Bunny brought him since Easter, so we decided to let him. He actually did a really great job, he had it up high for awhile. Stewart tried to get Ethan's as high and was unsuccessful which Owen was thrilled about (Competitive little Stink, his Dad's trait of course).

Ethan would live at the Park if we let him, although our kids practically do since we live directly across from it, I haven't decided if that is a good or bad thing. So while Owen and Dad were competing to see who's kite was the highest ,Ethan and I were playing on the Jungle Gym

As most of you know Ethan is my little Dare Devil, he isn't afraid of a dang thing, He scares me at the park, I am always afraid he will jump off the top, here he is getting mad at me because I wanted to get him down. Stubborn little child (that must be one of his Dads traits too!)

I love the relaxing Sunday's like today. Conference was amazing, being Lazy was great, and being with my family all day long with no interruptions is Priceless.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A great Laugh!!

I was going through some old pictures and came across this picture of me and my sisters and brother on Halloween years ago. We were living in Utah at the time so Me and Stacy were BYU Cheer leaders, Jason was a BYU Football Player, Angie was a Devil and Lynsey was a Baby. The best part about this picture is that Lynsey has a Binky in her mouth. The reason it is so funny is because Lynsey's little boy Austin is obsessed with his Binky and Lynsey can't figure out why, well there you have it, he is taking after his Mom. If she had one why can't he right? Poor kid doesn't stand a chance, he'll be in college with his stash of Binky's in his Back Pack.
The reason I was going through pictures was because I was trying to find some pictures of me when I was a baby, to see who Ethan looks more like, Me or Stewart. We all know that Owen is a clone of Stewart but some people think Ethan looks just like Me and some people think that he looks like Stewart. Well my friends I think I have figured it out

Here's EthanPut him in dress and he would be me, after finding this picture I think he looks like me. Our eyes are the same, those Rosy cheeks, and we both have that Chubby round face. I guess some things never change.
Sorry kid that Fa Neck is one thing you won't grow out of.
So I just came across this picture of Stewart, Now its a toss up maybe he is a good mix of the two of us.
This next picture is just straight embarrassing. Do you guys remember the Unit outfits? I think we had every color and style. Could they be more ugly, and look at our 80's hair can you say bad perm. No wonder me and my sister are both hair stylist's now we are scared from our childhood. Mom I know that was the style back then but Holy Cow!! Clearly the Fashion Police didn't live on our street growing up!!
USA Pride. I love the Hair Styles, especially Stacy's
Big Bangs