Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Eve

I have been bugged by enough people to post my Christmas pics. Since my sister called me today telling me she had issues with my blog because Christmas wasn't posted and it was New Years I thought I should probable take care of it. So here we go.

We spend Christmas Eve at my parents house every year. This year we were lucky enough to have Grandma D and Grandpa Owen here from Utah. It was loud and crazy as usual but also very fun. The kids have so much fun playing together. With 10 kids 9 yrs and under there is NEVER a dull moment
The anticipation was of opening up the gifts was killing the kids.

They waited patiently for dinner to be done and then is was on. Wrapping paper, toys, clothes, etc was being thrown around and yells and giggles of excited was all we could hear

Do you blame them Grandma and Grandpa spoiled them like CRAZY!! Owen and Ethan got a lot of fun stuff. Owens favorite was these

Dino Lego, that was until Christmas day when dad and Owen spent all day putting the Dino together was on the last leg to find out the they were missing 2 leg hinges. Not a happy boy and I am NOT talking about Owen!! They went back and were replaced with other Lego sets. Owen said that if one of the boxes were wrong they were all wrong so no Dino Lego's at our house.
Thanks Mom and Dad for a great Christmas Eve. Thanks for the gifts, you love and your example. Your love for your family never ceases to amaze me. You are the BEST. We love you!

What are Skinny Shoes???

The only thing Owen wanted for Christmas this year was Skinny Shoes. What are skinny shoes you ask, well after chasing kids around school trying to look at there shoes without looking suspicious, starring at the boys shoes at the bus stop, I finally figured out what they were. A lot of people have been wondering the same and if he got them. Seriously do I look like an idiot, its the ONLY thing he wanted and you question if I delivered, I mean Santa delivered. So YES he got them and this is what they are. Old school Converse All Star Low tops. If I would have know there were going to be back in style I would have kept mine from like 15 years ago. He was counting the days until "Skinny Shoe Day" I couldn't believe how bad he wanted them. When he woke up he went racing in the front room looking for them. Hes a hard one to please last year it was a Giant Candy Cane, this year Skinny Shoes, I can only imagine what next year will bring, all know is I have one happy boy with his Skinny shoes and NO he will not be wearing Skinny Pants with them.

Owens a Ladies Man

Right on our street there are a ton of kids Owens age, the only problem is they are all girls. Well that is not a problem to Owen. He plays around the clock with these cute girls. He is quite the ladies man and thoroughly enjoys himself until they want to play house and he has to be the Dad and call his wife Ellie "Sweetie" he doesn't go for that.They love to race down the street from our house to the Inmans and for some reason it never gets boring to them

Oh to be a kid again. I enjoy watching them so happy without a care in the world. What a cute bunch of kids. We are very lucky to have such great neighbors. Girls, Boys, we don't care and either do they

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Owens Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
(a.k.e Converse shoes)

Such are hard one to please!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Temple Lights

We took the kids to see the Temple Lights. The weather was perfect, the company was the best and the atmosphere was beautiful. I love to see the temple this time of year.Owen had the best seat in the house
I was trying to take a picture of the boys but I kept getting this silly clown instead

The night was perfect until Owen decided to barf up Burger King chicken fries all over the car. Oh the joys of being a parent!!

My Monday night Date

About a month ago my sister invited me to go see The Forgotten Carols by Micheal McLean with her and her friends from work, I quickly jumped at the chance and was really excited to see it. Since then things came up with her schedule and she wasn't able to come so Stewart said he would come with me, then he got called into work so he wasn't able to go either. I was starting to think it was me that no one wanted to go with. Well I ended up with the best date on Monday. Not only did we see an awesome play but we sat behind the cutest parents and grandparent ever.Me and Bekki outside the Orpheum Theater

My Mom, and Grandparents
Us with the star himself Micheal McLean
If you haven't seen this show it is a must, It really reminds you of what Christmas is all about. Thanks Bekki for coming with me. I had a great time as usual, but next time we really need to get seats like the old people :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


We had a very fun visitor tonight at our house, all the way from the North Pole.
Ethan wasn't very fond of him
And Owen couldn't believe "It was really him"
All the cousins except for Ethan and Alyssa who were screaming and crying and Austin who couldn't make it , oddly enough Santa even brought a gift for him, he must be really good this yearNow does Santa have the coolest ride or what, he took them each for a ride in it
Owen was in heaven
As you can see Ethan still wasn't too fond of him, but it makes for a funny picture
Its great to know friends from the North Pole it sure made for a fun night.

Thanks Santa

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I love Christmas Time

I love Christmas decorations, there is something about bright lights and colorful ornaments that just makes me smile. I keep telling Stewart that I am going to keep up the Christmas Decorations year around :). We have been reading the kids a story out of our Christmas book every night and after the story they play with the train under the tree. They were playing so good and loving on each other I couldn't resist a photo opportunity

If that is not the sweetest thing EVER
What cute boys I have

It looks like Owen has Ethan in a headlock but really he was just loving on him
Last night I went to check and make sure the lights got turned off and this is how I found Santa. He looked as if he had gotten shot

Long night huh!! I feel your pain Santa, only 9 days to go and the Over rated day we call Christmas is OVER!!!!!!!

I do live Christmas I just feel like it is a little over rated with all the gifts and money people spend to keep up with the "JONES", well folks theres not much to keep up with, let me save you some money stop now the competition with the Jones' is really easy this year :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Prayers Needed!!!

I have know Justin since elementary school. He is one of the kindest, funniest people I know. I haven't spoke to him in years but have kept in contact through the blogging world. He got married last year to Susan, she was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in June of this year. She has fought the fight with all her heart and strength. She has given her all but is losing, she knows her time here are earth is short but is not giving up. My heart aches for her and her pain but also for Justin and his loss. You can read about her journey on their blog click on it on my side bar Justin and Susan and please pray for them and their families.
(At the ASU vs. U of A game this weekend durning the 3rd and 4th quarter they will be doing a tribute for Susan of the big screen.)
Susan's battle with Cancer ended last night. She returned home to be with her Heavenly Father last night 10/5/2008. My heart aches for Justin and those family members who are mourning her loss.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend at the cabin

We went to my parents cabin Thanksgiving weekend with my Mom, Dad, Jason, Grandma Lois, Lynsey, Jim and Austin. It was a full house but we had a really good time. It was colder then crap but we had fun. Grandma Lois came and spent Thanksgiving with us so she wasn't alone. It was great to have her here with us as well.We had a camp fire and made smores. Ethan and Austin only cared about the chocolate and Owen only cared about catching the marshmellows on fire
Me and Grandma Jim and his little ducklings
Ethan was obsessed with riding the vroom vrooms even though it was 30 degrees outsideWe let Owen and Austin stay up late one night and watch a movie. Austin had his first experience with Popcorn. What a deprived little kid :)
Stewart, Jim and Jason went "spotting" one night what ever that means, but they were acting like a bunch of little boys with their guns.
Owen and his Uncle Jason
Thanks Mom and Dad for a great weekend. We had a blast as always.