Wednesday, May 20, 2009

End of the School Year

Today was such a fun day. It was Owen's last day of kindergarten. I cant believe my baby is going to be in 1st grade. We are so proud of Owen and what he has accomplished this year. I was a little worried sending Owen to kindergarten this year being that he was 4 when he started school. I tested him in and we took the leap of faith that it would work out and I cant tell you how happy I am that we did. Owen was lucky to have not just one great teacher but two. He started his year out with Mrs. Soosai who we both loved. She took him in a loved him and it was exactly what he needed starting out so young. Half way through the year she had to move out of town for medical/personal reasons which brought us to get Mrs. Sharr. She is wonderful. She saw more potential in him then what he was giving and she encouraged him and pushed in to do more. I am amazed at how far he came in such a short time span. He finished school in the top reading an dwriting groups. He had two very special teachers this year and I am thankful for both of them. Owen has pushed him self academically more then I could have asked for. He has came out of his shell socially and has really enjoyed going to school. They had a end of the year party today and presented them their certificate for graduating from Kindergarten. We had lots of fun. Owen has made some really good friends this year, I hope we can keep in touch over the summer.
Owen with Mrs. Sharr

Owen and Kaden (the one he named his fish after :))

Owen and Christian

He really was Happy he just Hates getting his picture taken

He received the award for "The Sweetest Voice" what a good kid :)

Owen we are very proud of you and what you have become. Keep going in this direction and your future is bright. We love you tons!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Our newiest addition

Owen has been working towards being able to get a fish. Tonight for Family night we headed down to Walmart to get his new friend. The boys were so excited you would have thought they were getting a dog, I take that back if they were getting a dog they would have been running for the door crying because they are scared to death of dogs. Anyways they each picked out the best goldfish they could find. We got a little fish bowl and some decorations and headed home. I asked Owen what we were going to name the fish he said "The nemo looking one will be Daniel Cameron" random I know so I asked why and he said he was naming if after his friend Daniel at school and his other friend Caden Cameron's last name, which I thought was pretty funny, then he said that he was going to name the 2nd one "Kayden Cameron", Kayden after his cousin and Cameron because "the 2 fish are now a family and live in the same house so they have to have the same last name". Welcome to the family Daniel and Kayden Cameron hopefully you last longer then the other animals we have had but don't hold your breath on it. Thankfully they are cheap little goldfish.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Warning so GROSS!!!

As some of you know Stewart works for an attorney that tests the tread on tires to see if they malfunction. Stewart has to cut the tire in a certain way and then they put the tire back on the cars and race them around the track to see if the tire malfunctions. Anyways he was out in the garage working today and came inside and said he had cut his arm. When I got to the kitchen he had blood running down his arm so I couldn't see the cut but when he took the rag off I about BARFED How gross is that his fatty tissues were hanging out

Thanks to Will he tucked all the unwanted Fat back in a stitched him up.
Now if that is not the grossed thing ever. I swear never a dull moment around the Jones Home
Thanks Kim for you help :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Family Home Evening

Last Monday night we took the kids to the Temple for Family night. The weather was perfect and the kids had such a great time.

Cortina Carnival

We went to the school carnival last week and the kids had a blast.
Here is Ethan climbing this huge slide by himself I knew once he got up there he wouldn't come down alone and I wasn't about to go after him so.....
we sent the neighbor girls up for him and he came down with the biggest smile in his face. 4 girls and him should I be worried :)Owen on his bellyOwen and Ethan before the ride and there faces are their personalities to a "T" Owen looks terrified and Ethan is laughing
Yes that is Ethan trying to stand up while the ride is going I am telling you he is CRAZY He stood the whole ride
Owen climbed walls

He rode a Bull
We ate snow cones and kettle corn, soda and hamburgers. We did everything you would normally do at a carnival we even lost our child. Which one? Do you even have to ask. My free spirit wondered off and we couldn't find him for about 15 minutes I was so freaked out and I had just told Stewart that the carnival was every kidnappers dream place. I freaked out, I prayed, I imagined my life with out him, I know that sounds stupid but seriously that is all that kept going through my head and then we found him in the arms of a POLICE OFFICER. I felt like the worst mom on the planet and how embarrassing to tell the officer Yes I am the irresponsible mother. She said that she asked him his name and that she was just about to announce over the speaker that she had a missing child named OWEN. What the heck looks like we need to teach Ethan his name :) I am so glad she is who he chose to go to not some perverted kidnapper. Stewart didn't put him down the rest of the night. We did have a great time and we were glad we went but ever happier we all came home that night.