Friday, August 29, 2008

The Webb's are on FIRE!!!!

Yes, The Webb's home got struck by lightening!!
Last night I went over to Bekki's to give her a gift that obviously couldn't wait until Monday and boy howdy am I glad I did. We were sitting out in my car talking trying to find the right time for her to get out and run when all off a sudden there was a loud noise (apparently the same loud noise that made Debbie scream, Stewart jump, and many other people scared) a big bolt of light and roof tiles falling on my car. We looked out the window and there was sparks of fire falling from the roof it was then that we screamed "Holy @#!* the house it on FIRE" we took off running for the house and about got ran over by Russ coming outside to make sure the neighbors house wasn't on fire we quickly told him it was his and Bekki and Russ took off for the kids while I sat on hold with 911, what the heck NO lady I will not hold the house is on fire!! The poor kids were confused as ever but were so good. Russ came running down the stairs with Race in one arm and holding Sailor by her hand carrying her down the stairs. She had the cutest little look on her face "Like what is my CRAZY Dad doing ripping me out of bed and carrying me sideways by one hand down the stairs" she did however have her "Baby" tucked carefully under her other arm. I was carrying her through the rain over to Brig and Kathleen's and in her oh so cute Sailor voice she informed me that I needed to run a little faster because it was raining and her Baby was getting wet. It was so funny she wasn't even effected by all the commotion she just wanted her baby to be safe. Lucky for Bekki her Brother lives across the street so we took the kids there.
It totally didn't seem real. I mean I know it happens but not to someone I know and not right in front of me. I am so glad we were outside and saw it all happen. The fire was stopped quickly so it didn't spread through the house. However there was a leak in the fire hose so there is a lot of water damage throughout the house. I was helping Bekki clean up what we could so the kids could go to sleep and Riggs was asking why the firemen cut such big holes in the ceiling, poor kid just couldn't figure it out. The kids were so good and calm as well. I am so glad no one got hurt and it couldn't have happened to 2 better people. I was really impressed by how calm they were. Russ acted like he had experience with burning houses :) they both acted so quick and calm. Every time I see lightening or hear thunder I will think of this night. Never a dull moment at the Webb's!!
Here are some pictures that Brig took:Here are Bekki's New Friends her FIRE BOYS
I have been playing the "What ifs" over and over in my head and they are truly blessed this is all that happened. It could have been so much worse, no one got hurt, there house is still standing and they got to practice their "Family Fire Drill" in action. So many ward members and neighbors were there for support or just to be nosey whatever the reason there are a lot of people that love the Webb's and that was proven last night. I am glad you are all ok. I love ya!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Heidi

Today is one of my long time friend Heidi's Birthday. Heidi was one of my roommates up in Provo. We lived together for about 3 years (I think) when I think of memories from college she is always in them. Provo was the best time of my life. I made great friends there, some I still talk to and some I don't. Heidi is one of those friends who you could go months not talking too and then when you do its like you talk everyday. I have some pretty funny stories and memories of Heidi some of which I will share and some I am sure she would kill me it I did. Heidi now lives in California she is married to a great guy who I also knew from school, she has 1 daughter and a baby on the way. I haven't seen Heidi for about 8 years but speak to her periodically throughout the years. These pictures of her is how I remember herWe had the best group of friends we were always on the go and doing the funnest stuffThese were my roommates for the majority of the time I was in school
Aaren, Rachel, Britney, Tracy, Sharmin, Me, Heidi

Rachel, me, Megan, Heidi
Cade, me, Julie, Heidi, MeganThis Picture is me, Heidi, and Sharmin at Lake Powell. My parents had a boat and would meet us half way at lake Powell for the weekend. It was always a blastI know Heidi is probably dieing that I posted this picture but it totally cracks me up. This was conference weekend all of the roommates decided to bring our mattresses out in the family room and sleep out there and then watch conference together, well you get 6 girls together late at night and this is what happens dancing and singing in your bikinis.
Heidi and I became really great friends. She was always the person I knew that I could count on when I needed something. She was the one person who was always there for me. I do have one memory of her I have to share because it still makes me laugh to this day. Heidi would always get bad dreams so most night she would end up with me in my room in a twin bed (thank heavens she is so skinny.) This one morning she came running in my room at about 5:00 am freaking out yelling I sat up in my bed and reached for my glasses since cant I see anything with out them and when I looked at her she was covered in white stuff all over her face, through her yelling I finally figured out what had happened. This guy she had gone out with broke into our apartment went into her room and smashed a pie in her face while she was sleeping. I about died laughing. I mean a pie in the face now that is romantic :). This guy is actually really nice and is still one of her and her husbands best friends but it really was the funniest thing ever.
This is Heidi now. She has a beautiful family. Shes married to a great guy and has a darling little girl. I am so glad I was able to get to know her and stay in touch with her over the years.

Happy Birthday. I love ya!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Dinosaur Museum

We took the kids to the Dinosaur Museum this weekend down in Mesa. The kids were in heaven. Ethan had plenty of room to run and be Crazy which he is really good at and Owen is fascinated with Dinosaurs so they enjoyed every second we were there. Owen has always had such an interest in them. Owen says that when he grows up he want s to be a Knight in Shining Armor so he had to get a pic next to his future
T Rex is his favorite Dinosaur
Here he is next to "Elvis" the alligator
When we first got there Stewart was for some reason tapping on the tusks of this dinosaur and got yelled at by a worker it was pretty funny but seriously honey you are at a museum full of really old things it probably a good idea not to touch them.
Owen comparing his foot size to a Dinosaur
This picture has nothing to do with the museum but this is an example of who is in control at the house. Poor Owen gets used and abused by his brother and he is too nice to stop him.
We had a great time as a family especially doing something that the kids really enjoyed. In fact Owen asked us if "On the 6th day of every week we could go to see the Dino's?" the 6th day being Saturday and no I am not going to spend every Saturday at the museum what a mean mom I am.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

D-Backs Game

Last night we went to the Diamond Backs game for the 1st time with the kids, courtesy of some friends who gave us some tickets to 4 great seats 10 rows up from the field. We had a really good time. I am not sure what the boys liked more the game or all the snacks or should I say "CRAP" that they were selling that they thought they HAD TO HAVE. Owen spotted the Popcorn stand and quickly informed me that he HAD TO HAVE some. Treat # 1 PopcornThen Owen spotted the Cotton Candy that he HAD TO HAVE but wouldn't even try it after I spent $5.75 on it. Ethan enjoyed it way to much we had to cut him off so I gave the rest to some random guy who was commenting to his wife the he thought our boys were cute. Pay it forward right!!
Then here came the guy with all the dumb gadgets. Owen HAD TO HAVE a giant hand.
The best part of the night was when their cousin Austin joined us at our seats for the rest of the game.
These three have so much fun together. There is a 2 1/2 year difference between Owen and Austin but Owen just loves him. He was so excited that he was there.
We didn't make it through the whole game. We left at the 6th inning. I was actually surprised we made it that long. Lucky for us there was a lot of empty seats around us so the kids had plenty of room to run and play. Owen was tired from a long day at school, so when he asked to go home we decided not to press our luck and leave before a break down happened. We had a good time and Owen even tried his first hot dog, crazy I know what kids doesn't eat hot dogs? MINE!!! I really don't blame him, very rarely do I eat a hot dog. He was watching Austin eat his and decided he wanted a try. After much thought and examination
He took a bite and actually liked it. We will see if that lasts.
We spoiled the kids with way to much crap but they had a great time so it was money worth spent.
Our Family Friday night activity was a lot of fun. We will we have to do it again sometime soon.

Monday, August 4, 2008

1st Day of Kindergarten

Dear Owen,

Today is a very exciting but bitter sweet day. Today you joined the world of Kindergarten. Many years ago your Dad would joke and say that on your first day of school he would have to stay home to make sure I actually took you, well guess what he did. He knew how hard it would be for me to let you go. You have been my little sidekick for almost 5 years. Today your Mom cried like it was the end of the world. I couldn't sleep last night worrying I didn't teach you enough, play with you enough, or love you enough. When you woke up this morning you were so excited, school was all you could talk about. I teased you and told you I was going to go to school in your back pack, you quickly corrected me and told me I was too big. When we got to school you told me I could walk you in, but then I had to leave, so that is what I did. I left you there sitting at your desk with the biggest smile on your face. As I turned the corner I couldn't help but cry. I cant believe my baby is not a baby anymore. I am so proud of you and am excited for you to be in school. Don't get me wrong I will miss you crazy bad, I will miss you asking me 100 times for a snack, or to put on a new movie, is it possible for me to miss that? You asked me if I thought Ethan would cry when you left for school? Ethan will probably walk around the house yelling your name all day, when its time for you to come home we will be sooo happy to see you. Thank you for being such a sweet, smart, loving little boy. Good luck at school son and remember who you are. :)

I love you very much,