Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In Search for....

I have lost my sweet, innocent 4 year old.

I don't know what happened to him don't get me wrong what is in his place I love just as much in fact I think a little more. About 6 months ago Owen kept asking us for a bigger bike, one without training wheels, if you remember I did a post on it awhile back. What I didn't tell you in that post is what happened while in the store, it went something like this.

Owen running around the bike section starring down each one to find the perfect bike when Stewart announced that he found what he thought was the perfect bike. I on the other hand that it was a little big for him. Stewart kept saying that it would be perfect he would be able to ride it for a long time and that it has plenty of room to grow into. It was a 22 inch folks. I think he thought we were there to by a bike for him to ride when he was 10yrs. not one for him to ride now!! To put it into perspective the one that he was riding before was a 12 inch. I finally talked him down to a 20 inch which I still thought was a little big but decided to give in cause it wasn't worth the fight. Well we brought that bike home, Stewart took off the train wheels and Owen rode it maybe twice. He couldn't even touch the ground when he was on his seat, he was scared to get on it because every time he did he would fall off so that stupid bike has had a permanent spot in the garage for about 6 months. Owen has been riding the 12 inch with training wheels ever since. I think he started feeling the pressure from his friends and the other night asked Stewart to take the training wheels off. He took off like a pro. Sunday night we went on a bike ride as a family and Owens poor little legs were goes as fast as possible but it was like he wasn't moving. By the end of the ride he was saying " I need a bigger Bike" which he did he looked like a clown on that tiny bike. So Monday after noon we took him back to the store and got him a 16 inch which is perfect for him. Stewart wouldn't even let it leave the store with the training wheels on it. He went and got a wrench in the tool section and took them off right then can we say W.T. Anyways Owen is enjoying having riding around on a bike that actually fits him, and Honey I wont say I told you so!! At least not today :)
So you ask why I am in search for my sweet, innocent, fearful 4 year old? Well that's because he some how got replaced by a 5 year old Kindergarten who cruises around the neighborhood on 2 wheels (as Owen would say)
jumping curbs, rocks, shoes and what every else gets in his way yelling "Yeah Baby" or "Sweeeeettt". He is worried about what he wears and sometimes even wants pokie hair (translation spiky gel hair) I love that he is getting more confident and brave. Its amazing what a little peer pressure can do , and at least its good pressure right. We can thank Rhett for that!!

Owen I love the little personality that you have you keep us laughing everyday. I love you!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A trip to the Zoo

Stewart's Biology teacher offered them extra credit if they went to the Zoo so we took her up on the offer and took the kids this weekend. We brought Owen's other half Rhett with us because now days these two don't think they can do anything without each other. They had a great time.
Owen and Rhett were our tour guides here they are mapping out the dayEthan wanted to climb on anything he could find the higher the better for him
These Crazy little MONKEYS

Here they are in front of the Turtles if you look close they were eating a pumpkin for lunch
Here is the true Monkey Boy how I love this kid
See boys can be sweet some of the time. This is how there were basically the whole time Owen and Rhett holding hands and Ethan running to keep up with the big boys
if we tried to put him in his stroller he would throw a fit he wanted to be like them.The weather was perfect the company was great and extra credit was earned. What more could you ask for.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Primary Activity

We had a Primary Activity today it was a "Talent Show" I am Owens teacher over the CTR 5 BOYS. I say boys because I don't have a single girl in my class just crazy, hyper, fun boys, today the other CTR 5 teacher was out of town so I took her kids as well. We had 12 crazy kids running around in Animal Hoodie towels and shower caps singing and dancing to "Splish Splash I was taken a Bath" they looked so cute, but didn't like that people were laughing "At them" I tried to explain that they weren't laughing at them the were Laughing with them because they thought it was cute. Those little 5 year olds didn't really understand that. Anyways, I have to admit I was a little worried that the kids were going to freeze and not do anything when it was their turn and it was going to turn into a "What teacher can make a fool out of themselves first " show but I told my class that I wasn't going to stand up there and sing Splish Splash by myself. They all did a great job. I was really proud of them.Here they are all geared and ready to take a "bath"

They were so proud of their Gold Medals
What it would be like to be a kid again to act silly, dance crazy, and not care what anyone thinks.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Lunch with Owen

Ethan and I didn't have much going on this morning so I decided to surprise Owen with Burger King for lunch. Ethan was so excited to see Owen and when Owen spotted Ethan running towards him his whole face was smiling he gave him a big huge and cleared a spot for him at the lunch table right next to him, they both enjoyed there lunch and Ethan thought he was one of the big kids, he would laugh when they did even if he had no idea what they were laughing about. It was so cute. When lunch was over I was afraid Ethan would freak out when I told him we were leaving and Owen wasn't, but he didn't he jumped down gave Owen a hug and headed for the door. It was so fun. I love seeing my boys enjoying each other and getting along. Owen loved showing off his brother to all of his friends and Ethan liked the attention he was getting from all the little girls, they kept saying "Oh he is so Cute" Owen was probably jealous his little brother was getting the ladies :) I volunteer every Fridays in Owen's class as well which I really enjoy doing it is so fun to see him interact with his friends and he loves having his Mom there or at least he pretends like he does either way I don't care I love to do it. Heres a picure of the boys at the lunch table

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our much need get away

We went for the weekend to my parents cabin in Heber. The weather was wonderful. It was in the 50's-60's the whole time. We spent lots of time outside bundled up in pants and sweat shirts. When we first got to the cabin Owen had to run around looking for this bear. For some reason he has to have that thing with him at all times he even has to sleep with the bear. I am not sure what it is about it but man he loves that thing.We went on the quads the first night we were there and that was pretty much it since is was so cold and windy.
The boys found their (girl) cousins sunglasses and thought they were so funny wearing themOwen did a little craft for his Grandma and Grandpa
He was so excited to hang one on the kitchen and one in the office
Saturday night we met up with Shawn, Charie and the kids up in Snowflake. They were there visiting her dad so we went to the Temple and to get Ice cream

It was so dang cold the wind was blowing really hard the kids were having a hard time sitting still long enough for a picture
Owen, Preston, Sydney, EthanOwen and PrestonOur Hike
Ethan was mad at the wind
We found a pond the kids could have stayed there all day throwing rocks in it
The perfect rocks

We had a really great time. Lots of fun memories with the boys. Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us use the Cabin.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The day I hoped would NEVER come

Grandpa & Grandma Adams I have been so blessed to be able to have all 4 of my grandparents be such a big part of my life for so many years, well that all changed in a matter of minutes. Last Friday night I found out that my Grandpa Adams had a massive heart attach. They weren't sure what the outcome was going to be. The hospital promised they wouldn't take him off life support until his family got there. So last Saturday me and my sisters, brother, and Mom drove to Ogden Utah and my Dad took a flight to get to there as soon as possible. We drove until about 4am and was too tired to go on so we stayed in a hotel in Beaver and took a 4 hour nap and continued on the next morning. We some how turned a 12 hour drive into 24 hours I am not sure what took us so long but we were glad to finally be there. We didn't know what we would see and what condition my grandpa would be in. I am going to keep a lot of details private out of respect to my Family. I will tell you that the time I spent with my Grandpa was priceless. It was the quite moments holding his hand, kissing his cheeks, and praying he would make it out of this will be forever imprinted in my mind. Grandpa was unable to speak but he responded in so many other ways, he would squeeze our hands, he would look into our eyes, he would try to reach for us and he even cussed a little, what joy it brought us all. Grandpa was with us. The doctors told us he was breathing on his own, his heart was beating on his own but that his brain and body weren't functioning together. The doctors were unsure of his condition and said it could take weeks. On Tuesday we decided to drive home. Friday (Oct. 3) morning Grandpa passed away. I believe Grandpa waited to pass on until his family could see him and say our goodbyes. I am grateful for the time I spent with him just days previous , I had closure with grandpa and knew that he was going to in a better place, but still the news was so devastating. The thought of not being able to see him, or talk to him in this life is so sad. I loved my grandpa, he was such a great man. He was a great Grandpa. I have many fond memories of him that I will cherish for always. I am grateful that I have the gospel in my life and that I know I will be able to see him and hug him again. What a great reunion that will be. I flew back up to Utah on Sunday night for the funeral. It was beautiful. My Grandma did a wonderful job of planning it. Lucky for her my Grandpa had it all done for her, the program, the Obituary, and the speakers which made it easy for grandma. Here are some pictures
Grandpa's Program, if you look close the Pallbearers are his Grand kids 7 girls and 1 boy. Oh my poor brother.

His Obituary
This is my family, Grandma & Grandpa (minus 4 son in laws and 9 grand kids our great husbands were at home taking care of them)
Aunt Gaylynn and her family with Grandma & Grandpa
Yeap, we did it, we kicked off our shoes, slipped down the wet grass and placed him in his resting place. I am sure he was looking down watching us he probable laughed a little but most of all I think we made him proud!!
When I first hear that we were the Pallbearer's I was so nervous, but what an honor it turned out to be. The Bishop conducting said that over the past 4o years he has never seen woman Pallbearers but how special it was.
L to R, Front to Back Lucy, Lynsey, Angie, Me, Stacy, Sophie, Grace, Jason and the funeral directors on the front and back to make sure we didn't drop GrandpaJason, Me, Lynsey, Stacy, Angie
My Sisters and Brother

The whole clan. Grandma with her kids, & grand kids
My Dad and Aunt kissing Grandma

This has to be my favorite pictureAunt Gaylynn, Grandma, Dad
The family with Grandpa
What a beautiful funeral it turned out to be. My Dad and Aunt did such a great job speaking, I know grandpa was looking down with a smile proud of each and everyone of us. It was so great to see my Aunt and her family they live in Texas so it had been 8 years since we had seen them it was at my grandparents 5o th wedding anniversary party. It was so fun to spend time with them. My Grandma is an amazing woman what an example she was to all of us. She is the rock in this family. Experiencing death has made me evaluate my own life and relationships. Life is so precious and can be taken from us with out a single warning. I am so grateful for all the people who helped Stewart with my kids, for the phone calls and text messages, they might have seemed small to you but meant the world to me. Stewart has received the Husband of the month award he has been amazing. He has helped me through this and has put up with and taken care of his crazy wife . I love you Honey!!

I love you Grandpa, and miss you deeply. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for all the memories I have of you not only has a child but as an adult. You are a wonderful grandpa and great grandpa to my boys. I look forward to the day I will see you again with your arms stretched open ready for a hug. Until then I hope I see you in my dreams!!