Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our trip to the Snow

Last weekend we took the kids up to my parents cabin to play in the snow. Owen was so excited he talked about it all week, Ethan on the other hand not so much. He wanted to watch out the window at Owen. He liked to have the snow hat on but didn't want to be in it.

We finally convinced him to get dressed and try it out

It was a no go. He kept saying it was "Cold mama"Owen couldn't get enough of it. He rolled around in it all weekendWe put Ethan on the sled on the driveway and he seemed to like itAll smiles from him were gone when we decided to go look for a bigger hill and let him ride down by himself. Not a good idea folks sleds have minds of there own and my smiley, giggling 2 year old was heading the wrong direction for a 3 foot drop into rocks. He scared the living crap out of me. Stewart was chasing him down the hill will I was trying to run to stop him and he was flying down that hill, I will say its amazing what you do when you think your child is going to get hurt, I took a super woman flight and stoped him, he rolled of the sled hit his head and that was the end of sledding for him. Do you blame him? What a dumb idea Mom!!
Stewart and his 10 feet of legs with Owen Oh Nelly

A long as all fours were touching the ground he was happy
Snow angels
Owen jumping off the balcony into the snow Monkey see, Monkey do
My little dare devil
Owen was not too happy about our snowman, he said he was too lumpy without smooth sides, welcome to my world son, I feel his pain.
After the snow sledding Owen wanted his dad to take him on a quad ride and teach him how to drive it, so they took off and came back and told us the funniest story ever. So apparently Stewart was explaining to Owen that the throttle is was makes the quad go and before he could explain that you start out slow Owen and pushed it all the way down popped a wheelie and knocked both of them off the quad right onto their behinds. I would have paid money to have seen that. They are lucky they didn't get hurt Stewart however did have a bruised butt cheek :) Owen was scared to drive the quad the rest of the time.
Besides the 2 incidents of trying to kill our kids we had a great time. It was fun to spend time with my kids and watch them play in the snow. Thanks again Mom and Dad for having us over the weekend and for building such fun memories with us. My boys love their papa and obomba :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Race

I ran the 5k with 3 of my favorite people on sat. It was so much fun and was for such a great cause. We ran for "two sisters one heart" if you haven't heard of them you need to read about it. It is a story that will touch everyone. The morning started out very early and very cold. We were all excited but also a little nervous.
This is pre run
Lynsey, Me, Bekki, Kathleen

Kathleen, Me, Bekki

Me and my Sista

Me and Bek

My personal favorite!! Don't ask us what we are doing cuz we have no idea

Getting our tunes ready

On your mark, get set, GO!!!

Next to Lynsey in this picture is Mrs. K (yes I know you have a first name but you will always be Mrs. K to me) She was Owens preschool teacher, she was the first female to finish. You go girl!! I totally slowed down and let her win :)

The overall race was so much fun, this is only my second race I have ever done but I enjoyed it more then my first, I did however think that it was a trick that they only posted the 1st mile marker and left you guessing with the rest. Kathleen took off like a bolt of fire and Lynsey following close behind, I knew that if I kept Lynsey in my sight I was doing OK so thank you Lyns for wearing that pink jacket, Bekki later told me that she wouldnt let me out of her sight so basically I was chasing Lynsey and Bekki was chasing me. What ever works right!! When we got there to get our shirts and bibs we thought it was weird that I was number 90 and Bekki was 91 but then when I finished only 2 seconds before her and our numbers were right next to each other on the race results made it even weirder (pretend that is a word ) but seriously what is the chance out of 218 people we would have those numbers and finish together we are true BFF :) I am glad I did it and am looking forward to doing another.
we also saw miss Heather kicking some serious butt on the 10k

Sorry we made you drop your keys and back track for it, we know were crazy but that's why you love us right.

Good job girls lets do it again!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Stacy

Today is my sister Stacy's birthday. Stacy is only 13 months older then me so we grew up practically on top of each other. Over the years we a formed a great relationship with each other, I forgave her for treating me like her doll by dragging me around by my hair as a kid, and for beating me up as a teenager :) In all honesty Stacy is probably one of the best people I know. Here are a few of my favorite things and reasons why I love her
* She is loyal, she will defend you and always did defended me (with the help of Brian) in high school when I had girls wanting to kick my butt (true story)
*She is so organized, everything has a spot and is never out of it
*Her house is ALWAYS clean. She does day care out of her house and it doesn't matter if she has 1 kid or 7 her house is spotless
* We tease her and say she is June Cleaver because dinner is always made by 5, house is always clean and she is doing it with a smile on her face, all she needs is the white picket fence and apron.
* growing up when she would get mad at me she would say the funniest thing and she would say it every time "I am going to hit you so hard, you aren't going to know what hit you"
*She is very generous, they have the open house policy, everyone is welcome and sometimes that means every room has someone in it, on the couch, or on a blow up mattress and she doesn't care.
*She is giving
*She is a great mom, she left a great job with good pay to stay at home with her girls
Stacy is a great person and I am blessed to have her in my life. I hope you have a great birthday, thanks for all you have done for me in my life.
Happy Birthday, I love you !!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

A very sad Day

Today was a very bitter sweet day for us. Owen's teacher had to move away due to some health reasons with her husband. I completely understand and would have done the same but I am selfish and very sad she is gone. She has been such a great teacher for Owen. She has helped him come out of his shell this year and has pushed him academically. I am so impressed with her and what Owen has learned from her, I was lucky enough to volunteer in his class room every Friday so I have really gotten to know her and have really enjoyed the time I spent helping her. Owen has been so sad that she was moving to another world (is what he said) I am grateful she was his teacher for at least half of the year and am excited to get to know his new teacher Mrs. Sharr
This is a letter Owen wrote to Mrs. Soosai last nightSome of Owen's friends
Owen and Mrs. Soosai

Thanks Mrs. Soosai for all you do. You will be missed.