Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma

Today is My Grandma McClellan's 75th Birthday!! My Grandma is very special to me and my family. I have many great memories of her as a child. Throughout the Years we have built a great relationship with one another. She is a wonderful Grandma and Great Grandma to my children. She is a great example to me and my Kid's. Grandma is a Cancer Survivor. She was diagnosed with cancer about 1 1/2 years ago. It was such a scary time for our Family. Through it all she was such a trooper. My Grandpa would drive her from Ogden Utah to Salt Lake Monday through Friday for 3months to get her treatments, most of the time in bad snowy weather. Through it all they never complained. Whenever I would call to see how she was she would always respond " Terrific like Tony the Tiger" ! What a great example of Strength she was to me. I am so proud of her and her will to survive and beat the Illness. my Grandpa was also a great example to me of Love. His love for my Grandma is indescribable, there isn't anything he wouldn't do for her. I love that he takes care of her the way he does. I am proud to say that he is who My Owen got his name from. They are the definition of what "True Love is." Through many Prayers my Grandma is Cancer Free!!! Other fun stuff about my grandma is:
She is amazing with the sewing machine, I don't think there is anything she cant make, She is a perfectionist every line has to match up, every shade of color has to be perfect or it drives her crazy. All my porcelain dolls were made by her and my grandpa, she doesn't sell them she only makes them for her family. She is so dang talented. For some reason those genes were not passed down to me, I cant even sew a straight line. We call her our "Equal Opportunity Grandma" because everything has to be equal with her, there are no favorites (at least thats what the other grandkids think, but I know I am the favorite ) :) If she does something for one person she does it for everyone. This is a picture of Owen, Ethan, Grandma "D" and Grandpa "Owen". We went to visit them last year. This picture was taken at a family Reunion the Summer of 06'. There are lost of missing great grand kids in this picture (5 to be exact), but I think this is such a cute picture of them. My Grandma is an amazing person, I am blessed to have her in my life.
Grandma we love you and miss you so much. Hope that you are having a great Birthday. We wish we were there with you, but I am sure Mom is giving you great company.
I Love You
Happy Birthday!!!!

Ahoy!! Captain Owen

Today was pirate day at school for Owen. They got to dress up like pirates, follow maps and find treasures. Owen loves this kind of thing. Thanks to Debbie he had a darling outfit to wear. He wouldn't wear the eye patch or the earring. He said the earring hurt his ear and that they are for girls, which I was OK with. Mrs. K said that once he saw Calvin with his eye patch on he had to have his, lucky I put it in his back pack just in case. Anyway I thought he looked cute in his outfit so I thought I would share.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Our New Addition

We would like to introduce our newest member to the Family
Fluffy Jones (named by Owen)
I got the kids pictures taken 2 weeks ago by Bruce Barnes and the live Bunnies. Michelle told Owen the Bunnies were going to be given away to 3 families after the pictures were done. Since then Owen has been asking, praying, and begging for a Bunny. The night before Easter he prayed that him and Ethan would win the "Contest". Thanks to Michelle we got one. Easter morning Owen woke up to a trail of Bunny Footprints that started at his room and led him to different areas of the house. There was a trail that led him to the laundry room were he found this:

How cute is that

This poor bunny has not had any peace and quite. Owen is always holding him. He is really cute, he will sit next to Owen and watch T.V The Kids love taking it out back and running around with it. They play for hours outside chasing that thing around the backyard, they just don't realize that Fluffy is running for his life.
I can't believe I have a bunny living in my house. I am not a pet owner. They just don't do good at my house like most of you know. I always had pets growing up, we had dogs, bunnies, turtles, hamsters, stray cats, basically anything we could convince our parents to get, but for some reason as an adult I just don't like them. Fluffy on the other had as got a spot in my Oh so tender Heart :) only because of this:
and because it doesn't bark, growl, need to be potty trained, walked or really even be taken care of. That is my kind of pet. Really Who could say No to a look like that.
Oh the things we do for our Kids!
Happy Easter Son, lets see how long Fluffy lasts.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sea World,The San Diego Zoo & The Beach

Warning this is very long and probably boring!!!!
Our trip to San Diego was one of the best trips we have had. We went with my sister Lynsey and her husband Jim and her little boy Austin, Jim's sister Jenna and her boyfriend Luke.
Ethan's Encounter with the Dolphins, It was so cute it was like they were having a conversation with each other Ethan would baby talk and then the Dolphin would make noise back it was so cute. Ethan kept petting it.Owen wasn't to sure about the Star Fish but at least he actually held it. It was the only thing he would touch. I don't think he realized it was alive
Ethan on the other hand probably killed it, he was squeezing it and then threw it back into the water. Good luck little fishy!! The 3 boys
Ethan and Austin are so cute with each other, I am so glad they play so well with together.

Sea World was so much fun, the highlight on the day was when it was "raining" as Owen said but really we were getting pooped on by a bird. Lynsey is going to have to teach us her new dance moves she was jumping around so much none got on her.
At the Dolphin show they asked if Owen wanted to be in it, and can you believe he wouldn't do it. We could have feed and touch the dolphin's he was to scared. We were so bummed. Ethan on the other had would have jumped in with the sharks if we let him. How different they are.
The San Diego Zoo is the Best. I wasn't able to get a picture of the Tigers but when Owen saw them he was freaking out. He was so excited. We took a bus tour, it was awesome it took us around the Zoo and that zoo is huge, We were able to see so much.

Owen and Ethan on the Hippo
I love this Picture the Polar Bear was drinking out of a bottle of water. So Cute!!
The beach was so much fun. The kids had a blast the water was cold but that didn't stop them
This is one of my favorite pictures the Dad's playing with the boys like there was no one else around.

Look at this Chubby sandy foot.Ethan loved the sand he would just lay and roll around in it. He liked the water until a wave totally knocked him down, after that he would run the opposite direction when the water came in.
Me and my Boys!!
By the end of the day this is what we were doing. Stewart and Owen would watch movie's on Stewart's laptop. Owen insisted on sleeping with Dad every night so I got a bed to myself. That is a vacation in itself.

Lynsey and Jim you guys are awesome, I am so glad we were able to do this with you. Thanks for the great memories. We love you.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

San Diego or BUST!!!!

I first have to Thank Lynsey and Jim for a great Trip. We had a blast with you guys it wouldn't have been has fun with out you. Jim thanks for the tour of California on the way to the Zoo, a trip is not complete with out getting lost at least once. To Jim's credit he was given bad directions. Owen just wants to know why his "Uncle Jim was making him lost, that's not nice of him, Mom".
We decided to take the Kids to Sea World and The Zoo this weekend. We left Sunday morning with everything but the kitchen sink packed in the back two darling boys (yes, I am byist), DVD players movies, and every snack you can think of. Owen and Ethan were happily watching a movie while Stewart and I were doing a crossword puzzle (which I suck at) when all of a sudden it sounded like we hit an animal, Stewart said it was probably road debris, a minute later the car started wobbling down the street at 70 mph, Stewart pulled the car over I got out to see what animal was lodged underneath the it and this is what I found: Are you serious, I have never gotten a flat tire, way now? I thought this was so Blog worthy!
So, before I let him change the tire I had to snap a few shots

So just when I thought things couldn't possible get worse they did. Our spare tire was FLAT!!! Stewart says low, but if that was the case I would like to know why we were driving extremely slow down the highway looking for the nearest gas station which wasn't for about 30 miles to air it up. Lynsey was on the Internet on her cell phone looking for the service stations and everyone we called was closed for Sunday. My gosh you would have thought we were in Provo.

We finally found a Chevron thanks to Lynsey's handy skills map qwesting everything for us on her cell.
Stewart took the tire in to a tire shop and can you believe he said it wasn't repairable, Seriously Duct tape solves it all. Just ask Jim he is pretty handy with it. $140 later and we are back to new again. I have tonz off fun pictures and stories to go around but I am sure you are all bored by now. So, I will have to blog about Sea World, The Zoo, and the Beach another day. Glad to be home safe and sound.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

In my family we have birthday party's almost monthly since we are growing in numbers so fast. Tuesday we celebrated March birthdays, which included my sister Angie, her husband Jerald, her son Adam, my cousin Mark, and myself. It was quit the party.
Happy Birthday Everyone!!

This is a picture of all the grandkids, Austin was attached to Lynsey's hip for some reason so that is way she is in the picture. What a crazy bunch of kids. They all play so good together and have such a great time.
This is a picture of Owen and his cousin Mark and Adam. This picture is so funny, look at the cake on Mark's face and Adam's oh so cheesy smile, Owen don't look so happy.

Ethan looking Happy as always

Hope you don't fall with that hammer in your mouth.

We had a great time Thanks Mom and Dad for everything you do.

We love you all!!

P.S. If you read my sister's blog too yes they are the same pictures courteous of a camera happy sister, all she needs is fanny pack, pok a dot pants a strip shirt and a ticket to Disneyland!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Play Day with his Cousin Mark

Owen's Cousin Mark is in town visiting from Colorado. My Aunt and Uncle are moving here so when they went looking for a house Mark came and played with Owen. They had so much fun together. Mark is only 6 months older then Owen so they enjoy the same things, they are both crazy about Thomas the Train (I do think they are both growing out of it, so hopefully Ethan will like the trains, with the collection we have we will be in serious trouble if not.)

They were playing with the trains and watching Thomas at the same time. Crazy kids.

Owen is always asking for someone to come and play on his Teeter Totter. Well they were on that thing almost all day. If they weren't on the Teeter Totter they were in the sand box Building all sorts of things, or Jumping on the Trampoline. They laughed pretty much the whole time.

Play days are so much fun but even better when they are with a cousin they haven't seen in so long.

We sure are happy you guys are moving here soon. We had a great time today and are looking forward to more play days like this one. Thanks for the great day.

We love you!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Where did they come from?

While making dinner tonight I heard a stomping noise and found Owen trying to walk in my boots. They look like "Pretty Woman" boots on him, they go almost all the way up to his hips. Don't they look cute on him.

Then while eating dinner I looked over at Ethan and what the crap? This is what he was doing. Leg lifts with his high chair. You ask where his food went? You guessed it all over the floor. I am blaming this weird behavior on the fact that we don't have church until 2:40, by the time we get home they are sick of being inside and quite so we get the exact opposite. Crazy Kids gotta love that they at least keep us laughing.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Our Little Project

Today Owen and I decided to refinish an old desk we have to put in his toy room. He loves to play computer games on PBS kids he would play those games all day if I let him, so we decided to put a computer in his toy room for him so we werent fighting over ours. I know what your thinking What 4 year old needs his own computer? Your right but that is hardly the point here.
Here is the Before

Owen had alot of fun painting. I was a little worried when he informed me that he wanted to paint the drawer fronts by himself, but I must say he did a really good job!
A little sanding, painting and Wallah Owen has a new desk that matches his toy room. It looks so dang cute in there.
Here is the After

Good as new you would never know that yesterday it looked old and crapy, it was about to go away in the "Stinky Diaper Truck" (code for garbage truck) as Owen would say. Glad we were bored cuz Dad was at work. Good Job Son!!