Sunday, June 29, 2008

Glad the day is OVER

I am here to tell you all I have conquered a fear. Stewart and I last week were asked to speak in church today. I have been stressing out, losing sleep over it, breaking out in zits, , and on Friday all relational thoughts went flying out the window when I set down to type up my talk. I did not want to do it and I was almost mad that I had too, no lets be honest I was mad. It has been at least 6 years since I spoke in church. Somehow we have slipped under the radar and have gotten out of it, probable because we are short, small, quite people :). I was so nervous I even contemplated running out of sacrament meeting but Stewart said that it would leave a lasting impression on everyone and not a good one. So I decided to suck it up and do it. My children were sitting with my Mom and Dad and from our view they were acting like perfect angels, however my Dad did say that Ethan was driving him nuts towards the end because he wouldn't stop saying "Ma ma, Da da" welcome to my world Dad. I don't know how you and Mom did it with 5 kids you must have been highly medicated :) Anyways back to the talk, I did it and I think it went well, I didn't lose my place, my knees to buckle and fall, I didn't swear or say pissed (my mom was so worried about that one) in the microphone, and most importantly I didn't sound like a blubbering mess. I am just glad that it is OVER, I hope I said something meaningful and the best part now is that I have another 6 years before I have to do it again :) Stewart did a good job and he wrote his talk this morning before church whats up with that. Thanks Mom and Dad for coming and supporting us and taking care of our kids. We love you.

Friday, June 27, 2008

I am ???

You Are Mulan
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Which Disney Princess Are You?

Strong and spirited. You're no one's girly girl; actually you are very determined person with a strong sense of self. Never let go of that! The only thing that equals your sense of self is your family, but the traditions of society can always be bent to protect something or someone you love.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Aimee tagged me, so after much thought I decided to cave in a tell All
Rules: 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 obsessions, and 3 random facts
tag 5 people at the end
1. Nothing brings me more joy than my Family. Watching my kids grow and learn each day is such a wonderful thing to me.
2. Being at home with my Kids each day.
3. Seeing Stewart come through the door at night after a very long hard day and hearing my kids squealing with excitement at the sound of the door, running full speed to get to him first.
1. As many of you know I am a freak when it comes to water. I am so afraid that one of my kids are going to drown. We have had some pretty close calls with Ethan, just the thought of it gives me an anxiety attack.
2. Speaking in church on Suday, there is something about standing in front of a lot people all waiting for you to say something meaningful. What if you dont? I hate it!!
3. The economy right now totally freaks me out. Its so sad to me all the business that are closing, all the houses that been foreclosed on, and all the people who are out of jobs.
4. I know it is only suppose to be 3 fears but sorry I have more. Owen going to all day Kindergarten is a serious fear of mine. What if he cant get his lunch by himself?, what if someone is mean to him?, What if he gets scared? or most fearful what if he doesn't even miss me when he is gone :(
1. To eat better, lose weight and become more fit.
2. Having FHE every week. We really do try but when the kids are jumping off the couch or wrestling on the floor it gets really irritating.
3. To be a more forgiving person and to not hold grudges.
Current Obsessions
1. Chapstick. I am truly OBSESSED I always have chapstick with me. I don't just have 1, I usually have 1 in my pocket, 2 in my purse, 1 in my car, 1 in the kitchen and at night I always have 2 on my nightstand just in case I lose one in the middle on the night. Yes I do apply it throughout the night.
2. My boys church clothes. I am obsessed with white shirts and ties. I just think Mom's of girls always have their little girls in fluffy dresses, bows in their hair, and jewelry on, so why cant little boys be dressed just as cute. Nothing is cuter to me then my boys ready for church.
3. Dirty dishes in the sink GAG!! I cant sleep at night if my kitchen isn't clean. I hate starting the day out with dirty dishes.
Random Facts
1. I am sick of the Arizona heat. Something about being hot makes me think and act completely irrational just ask Stewart. I want to move somewhere cold for a change. We hope to go somewhere different for school.
2. Being a wife of a Student is a full time job in it self, and I still have many years ahead of me what was I thinking when I agreed to this craziness. j/k I am excited for the adventure and for what our future holds. I couldn't be more proud of Stewart.
3. When I go to bed at night I check and double check every door and lock at least 2 times before turning on the alarm. Can you say OCD!!
I tag my sista Lynsey, Jenni, Shauna, Julie, & Kathleen have fun girls I will be waiting for your answers. Love ya all :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Swimming with Grandma

To keep myself from losing my mind today I decided to take my kids to my parents house to go swimming, As many of you know Ethan HATES the water he cries from the time we get in to the time we get out. Usually the only time he isn't crying is when I dunk under the water cuz I am tired of hearing him, even then he is still screaming we just can't hear it for a brief second ( I promise I do love him to pieces). Well today Grandma got in with the kids and he didn't cry. He had so much fun. I don't remember the last time my mom got in the pool, well after today she is going to have to get in more often since she is the only one that can get Ethan happy.
Look he is even smiling :)He started to get a little brave after awhile. He was climbing in and out of the pool so much his poor little belly looks like hamburger meat. I put him on the water fall and he wouldn't get off he started rock climbing it to get away from me. He even ran over to the diving rock and wanted to jump off it.
Owen on the other hand has turned into our little fish. He had me doing "Tricks" of the diving rock , diving for rings and doing canon bombs I think he thought I was his little puppy that needed to be trained. I was a good sport and he enjoyed seeing his mom act like a fool. We were trying to teach him how to dive,but some how his belly would hit the water first every time.
After about 2 hours of swimming we were tired and hungry. Owen found his favorite little spot in the room he "Wishes was his" and watched Thomas.
Mon. and Wed. you may be seeing more of us. We had a great time. Thanks mom for the fun evening. My kids wont forget this night, actually I don't think I will either. Love ya

Monday, June 16, 2008

Movie Day

I decided to take Owen to the movies today to see Kung Fu Panda durning Ethan's nap time. I got a babysitter and me and Owen went and had a great time just the two of us. Owen laughed so hard through almost the entire movie. Watching by kids so happy brings me so much joy.
$12.50 for movie tickets, over priced
$2.00 for drinks, thanks to Jenni's refill cups
$3.50 for a small bag of Popcorn, Always worth it, Yummy!!
A date with Owen, PRICELESS and worth every penny.
Who wouldn't spend the day with such a handsome boy?
Thanks Owen for spending the afternoon with your Mom. I love you!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the 2 BEST Fathers around.

My own Dad is such a wonderful example for me. He has been there for me no matter what. I am grateful to have been placed in a family with such a great Dad, and Friend. Thank you Dad for all you have done for me. Since his birthday was on Friday you all already know how great he is from his birthday post.

I know that Stewart isn't my Dad, but he is a great Father to my boys. They love him to pieces. He is a great example to my children of a hard working, loving, patient, kind, fun etc. Man. In primary today I did a "All about Dad" page here's Owen's answers:

* What is your Dad's name? Stewart
*How old is your Dad? 33
*How much does your Dad weigh? 33 lbs.
*What color is your Dad's hair? Black
*What is you Dad's favorite food? Pizza
*What's your Dad's favorite color? Blue
*Why do you love your Dad? Because he likes me and he likes to play basketball with me
Owen made this yesterday for his Dad and he painted it all by himself. He was so excited to give it to him. He put it under his bed so Dad wouldn't see it until this morning.

Owen was so nice to allow his Dad to take his Sunday nap in his tent in his toy room.

Lucky Dad :)

Thank you Dad and Stewart for being good Fathers. I hope you know how important you are to all of us. I love you both so much!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Today is My Dad's birthday. We gave him some new sunglasses for his special day. My Dad is such a wonderful person, Dad, Grandpa, Father in Law, Husband, Role Model, and Friend. There are so many fun memories of my Dad and so many funny things about him so here are a few:

* He loves, and I mean LOVES to golf, Owen thinks golfing is grandpa's Job

* For family home evening one night growing up my parents took us to Dairy Queen for Ice cream, me and my sisters didn't finish ours, so my dad did. Yes, All 4 of them plus his own and every stop light on the way home my dad was opening his door and throwing up. We all thought it was so funny and we have yet to let him live it down.

* My Dad is OCD when it comes to food. His food can't touch each other on the plate. He hates things stirred, if the meal looks ugly he has a hard time eating it, and he will never use the same fork on more then one item of food. Owen is the same way it makes me crazy!!

* He was ALWAYS the person we would go to if we needed money growing up. My Mom would dig out the change on the bottom of her purse and my Dad would give us $20.00 and ask if we needed more.

* He loves the Lord. He has served many numerous callings in the church and is a great example to me and my family.

* He loves his family and has proven that over the years, there isn't anything he wouldn't do for us. He has sacrificed his own freedom and Happiness for his children

* He gives the best advice, even if it's not what you want to hear, he is honest with you.

* He says I am his Favorite Daughter, it always makes me smile even though I know he says the same thing to my sister's.

* He has been a great Father in Law to my Husband, I am truly grateful for that.

* He loves my Mom so much, I remember growing up my Dad would always say "I hope someday you all find a spouse 1/2 as wonderful as your Mom"

* He is a hard worker, he doesn't take no for an answer, and if he wants something he won't give up until he gets it. I always joke and say "I have the Adams blood in me, so watch out"

* He is a Son, Husband, Father, Father in Law, & Grandpa of 2 Wonderful parents, 1 Lucky Lady, 4 Great Daughters, 1 good looking Son, 4 loving Son in Laws, & 9 Busy Grand kids who adore him. Who could ask for more.

I love you Dad, thanks for everything you have done and continue to do for me and my family. Your selfless acts don't go unnoticed. Thanks for being my Dad and putting up with me durning my not so pleasant years (I know hard to believe). You are loved by many.

My Dad shares his Birthday Day with this cute little guy, my sister Lynsey's little boy and his Grandson Austin.

Happy Birthday Dad and Austin, We love you!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Red light Green light

I have came up with the "New" method of discipline around our home. Owen's Preschool teacher did something similar at school and it really seemed to work. This is how it works. Both the kids have a car with their name on it. They will start each day with their cars on the green light. If I have to ask them more than once to stop doing something, or if they are not obeying their car will move to the yellow light, if they are still being bad their car will move to the red light. They will still be able to redeem themselves throughout the day and get back to the green light however, at the end of each day they will get 2 stickers if they are on the green light, 1 sticker for the yellow and no stickers for the Red. After they fill up the card with stickers they can pick a prize. I prob sound like the meanest mom but I am sick of telling them no a million times a day. I really think it will work for Owen, Ethan on the other had is going to live on the red light,not only because he doesn't understand but because he is the biggest antagonizer, stubborn child I know. He will do something just because you told him not too. I love him dearly but he is giving me gray hair.
So here are the the cars I took them up to Kinko's and got them laminated and I put Velcro on the back so it will stick to the stop light. Here is the stop light. If you noticed Ethan is on the Green light, only because he is taking a nap give a couple of hours that will have changed :)
Wish me luck, We will see if it works!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Owen's Play group

Owen informed me the other day that "Staying home everyday is boring" so I decide to start up a play group. It is just 4 little boys in the neighborhood that are Owen's age. We are doing it 2 days a week for 2 hrs. for the summer. We started today and it was at our house. The boys had so much fun. They played outside, made a gift for their Dad's for Fathers day, decorated cupcakes and played in the toy room. They all got along so well. It was fun to have them here.
Here they are on the Teeter Totter. Owen is always asking to have someone over to play on it with him and today he had 3 friends on it. He thought he was in Heaven
(Rhett, Owen, Ryan, Noah)Here they are with their nicely decorated, over sprinkled, over frosted,
M & M cup cakes
(Rhett, Ryan, Noah, Owen)
Ethan had to join in the fun too, by the looks of he face he sure enjoyed it
It was fun to have them here. I am excited we are doing this. Hopefully now Owen won't think I am so Boring!!

Oh to be a kid again

Its been awhile since I posted anything so here are some random pictures of my boys.
We made cupcakes last night the kids couldn't wait to be able to like the beaters and the bowl clean.Apparently the beater was not enough for Ethan he had to have a spoon too.
The other day Ethan wanted to play t-ball, Stewart set up the Tee, got a ball and bat and Ethan kept swinging at the Ball, it took a few tries but he finally hit it, it didn't go far but he was sure excited.
Our Little Slugger
I think we had spent to much time inside for too long and the boys started acting a little strange.
Here's Owen with his shirt covering his face and Etan with the back of his over his head they thought they were so funny crazy kids.
We brought out the slip n slide last night they had a blast on it. Owen even got me to slide down it, I am not sure my body will ever be the same :)
Ethan wanted nothing to do with it at first, but once he saw how much fun Owen was having he decided to give it a try. He loved it

Life has been hectic lately but it is times like this when you put the troubles and worries aside and really enjoy the important things in life. Nothing brings me more joy then playing with my kids. Its then that you realize everything else doesn't matter. My house may be dirty, and laundry may not be done but I have spent the day laughing and playing with my kids. Stewart has started up school again, he is Shadowing a Fabulous Dr/Friend 1 day a week, volunteering at Banner Gateway hospital 1 day a week, and school 6 days a week. We don't see much of him, but are very proud of him. He is a great Father and Husband!

Our Peach Tree

We Planted a Peach Tree about 2 years ago, last year we didn't get very many peaches from it before the birds got to them first. This year however this tree had so many peaches on it, We picked 3 bags full and still had some hanging. I am going to made peach jam this week. Yummy!!Ethan was having so much fun picking them he thought they were balls and were throwing them across the yard.
Owen insisted that we had a picnic on the front lawn so we BBQ hamburgers and ate outside. We have been enjoying the beautiful weather if only it could stay this nice a little longer.