Thursday, November 27, 2008

What an Experience

Back in July a girl I use to work with lost her sweet little girl Kamber to a tragic accident. She got a group of people together to run the Turkey Trot in Kamber's memory. She had the cutest shirts made as well. I have never done any type of run before but I couldn't turn down what turned out to be such a great experience for such a great family. So I took one for the team and signed up.
I was really excited to be doing this with my sister as well but also very nervous because I am not a runner and my sister is. I have been running in the mornings with Ethan to prepare but nothing major. I had the best experience, it is amazing the thoughts and emotions you go through when you are running.
Here are a few of mine:
Mile 1: Got run over by some stupid women stroller driver
Mile 2: Saw the most inspiring man running with a prosthetic leg
Mile 3: Got tripped by yet another stupid women dog driver
Mile 4: I was running past my car and was contemplating jumping in it and not looking back until I saw the cutest little family it was Kamber's Dad and sisters hurrying to meet Jen at the finish line. It brought tears to my eyes and gave me a much need reminder of why I was there and who I was doing this for.
Mile 5: Contemplated playing in oncoming traffic
Mile 6: The longest mile of my life, It felt like it went on forever.
Finish: Such a rewarding feeling of accomplishment, with the thought of "Am I going to be able to walk tomorrow"? going through my head.
The over all experience was amazing, I would do it again in a heart beat. I am so glad I was able to do it and do it in Kambers memory, what a special day it was.
Here is my proof that I actually did is since some knuckle head stole my Turkey Trot shirt, I mean seriously who does that especially on Thanksgiving. Oh well I have the memories and those will last a whole lot longer.
Thanks again Jen for putting this together and for being such a great example of strength to all of us. I am sure Kamber was jumping with joy seeing you run for her today.
Thank you Lynsey for convincing me to go even though you kicked my butt :)
So I am sure you are all wondering what my time was, well its none of your business :) j/k
My goal was to finish in 1hour and 30 mins. and I finished in 1 hour 24 mins. so I met my goal :) For all of you crazy runners laughing at my time, I never claimed to be a great runner
So any one up for the London Run?
Thanksgiving was great this year. I have so much to be thankful for but most importantly my husband, boys and our health :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We should have taken the plane!!!

Today was Owen's field trip to the Tempe Art Center to see The Velveteen Rabbit. I was lucky enough to go as a chaperon. This morning Owen asked me how we were going to get there, I told him we were all going on the bus his response was "We should take a plane we would get there faster". If I would have known what was about to take place I would have agreed.
Here is Owens class all piled on the bus excited as ever Mrs. Soosai outside the bus about 5 miles from the school after the bus BROKE DOWN. Yes that is right, we had about 100 5 year olds piled on the bus and it all of a sudden it stopped. One little boy Yelled out call 9-9-1 :) they will fix it, and Owen said "See we should have taken the plane" when neither of those were really options we waited for another bus. In the meantime we decided to find humor in it. We pulled out the cameras and decided to have a photo shoot. Mrs. Soosai is such a great sport!! Once the bus got there we had to transport all the kids onto the next bus. Needless to say we were late for the play. I am glad it broke down right before entering the freeway not on it, that would have been a disaster.

This is Autum and Owen I think they have a crush on each other. They sit at the same table and they are always together.

Not really sure what was going on in this picture if I didn't know better it looks like Owen is looking for some lovinThey were pretending to be sleeping. It was so believable with those big smiles on their facesThe play was really cute, as least what we saw of it. I had a great time and I am so glad I was able to go. I really enjoy my time with Owen and his friends and Mrs. Soosai is awesome. I couldn't be happier with her.
Thanks Owen for letting your Mom come and be apart of your school experiences and for thinking your mom is cool even when you are with your friends. I hope it will always stay that way even though I know deep down it wont. Oh well I will enjoy it while it lasts.
So Owen you were right we should have taken the PLANE!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I was tagged

My dear friend Bekki tagged me so here it is. I will say I had to laugh when I saw what the 4th folder, 4th picture was here it is, my toes after I got attacked by a Chinese lady at the nail shop up by Safeway she was cutting my toes up and asking me if it hurts when she couldn't get them to stop bleeding, YES it hurts you psycho!! I thought a Pedicure was suppose to be relaxing. Seriously I couldn't walk for weeks afterwards. This happened the sat. before Mother's Day 2007 and I have not had a pedicure since. I am too scared.
(click on the picture so you can see it closer)
So I went back the next day to complain and can you believe the stupid lady tried convincing her boss that I came in with my toes already like that. Oh please lady nice try. I did get my money back after I told him I was going to turn her into State Board and since I am licenced myself I know how easy it is. They started speaking in their language gave me my money and I swear my big toe has never been the same.
Okay I tag:
Lynsey, Jenni, Lawana & Amber
Get busy girls, just go to your picture files, go to the 4th folder and 4th picture and post it. Its that easy!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary Honey!!

Today is our 6th anniversary to some that might not be long but I cant believe we have been married for 6 years already. I am not going to say that our life is perfect because that would be a lie but I will say that everything we have been through has been worth it. Stewart is a great husband and father. I am blessed that he has put up with me for 6 years I better shape up or I wont get another 6 years out of him.
Some fun facts about us since we have been married:
We have had 6 cars in 6 years
We have bought 3 houses
We remodeled house 2 when we couldn't get into house 3 (which is now a blessing)
We have tried to be put owners 4 times, 2 dogs, fish, and a bunny. May you all rest in peace:) We are not animal people!!
We have two handsome boys
We have been on the Disney Cruise (which I highly recommend)
We have been through 5 jobs because of the Economy
I am now married to a Student
Overall our marriage has been what I expected tears, fun, kids, and lots of Laughs.
Our Wedding Announcement
Engagement pictures

Stewart and the Brides Maids
The Wedding Party

Stewart thanks for still loving me in spite of my love handles and extra rolls. You are a great husband and I am excited to see what the future holds for us.

I love you Babe!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our new President

I have to post this for journal purposes because I thought it was so cleaver of Owen to come up with this. When he found out that Obama had won and that he was the new President his response was:
"No he cant be the President he is so bad he even has a BOMB in his name", So there you have it folks President OBOMBA is running our country we are in BIG trouble.
Aren't kids so dang funny, but so true at the same time, they say what us adults are thinking

Sunday, November 2, 2008


This Year for Halloween Owen wanted/insisted on being a "Knight in Shinning Armor" and Ethan was a Skunk there is a little heart on him bum that said "Little Stinker" we thought it fit him perfectly. I was able to go help in Owens class on Friday for their Halloween party it was fun to see him and his friends all dressed up.The Knight found his Princesses, this is Autumn she sits next to him in class and come to find out she even lives in the neighborhood.

A couple weeks ago Deb and I decided to put together a Halloween Block party. it turned out to be so fun. We had a great turn out. We estimated about 200+ people showed up. It was so fun to get to know our neighbors better and let the kids run wild. We had the city block of the street in front of my house and we put 2 bouncers up in the park, we had a cotton candy machine, Hot dogs and Chili, tons and tons of yummy deserts. I didn't get many pictures but here's a couple.
After the block party we took the kids Trick or Treating
My little stinker is getting so BIG
We had a great time. We have really great neighbors and have made some lasting friendships. Thank you to everyone who donated for this party we couldn't have done it with out you.