Friday, January 23, 2009

The things Owen does to make me laugh

I will be mad at myself forever for not taking a picture of Owen when he got home from school yesterday. I was trying not to laugh while punishing him but I have to admit it was hilarious. He came running up to me with pink marker all over his top lip, when I asked him what was on his face he said "Nothing its my mustache mom, do you like it" I couldn't believe it I about died laughing he was so proud of his work, I told him he was not suppose to write on his face and he said "I know mom Mrs. Soosai already told me" the best part about it is that he walked around school all day with a big pink mustache. I volunteer at Owens school on Fridays and the first thing his teacher said to me was "So did you like Owen's mustache" she was totally laughing as well and couldn't believe what a good job he did. Only a kindergarten teacher would be looking at the quality. I wished I had snapped a picture right then but I didn't want Owen to think it was funny and do it again.

After he went to bed last night I was looking through his papers from school and this was the next thing that made me laugh

Well at least he knows how to rhyme and spell, but maybe its time to tell him that hell is a bad word :)

Owen has totally came out of his shell this year. He used to be my timid quiet little boy and man has school changed that he is now the class clown with a mustache, writing hell on his papers. Good thing he is still young and innocent it wouldn't be as funny if he was 15 yrs.old doing this but for now we will laugh about it.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Stewart's Surgery

Stewart had knee surgery on Friday. It was long over due and he was excited to get it done. Back in June he hurt his knee playing church softball. I don't know what it is about church ball but I swear more people get hurt then not. I think the problem is these men get out on the field don't stretch or warm up, revert to there teenage years, get all competitive and forget they are not in their 20's anymore. Sorry babe but your getting older and your body doesn't move as fast as it once did. All I have to say is I hope that game was worth all the pain.
Doesn't he look hot in his shower cap and knee high stocking
The surgery went well the Doctor did a great job. The surgery usually takes about 20 mins. Stewart's took about 1 1/2 hrs. The doctor said he had such a big knee that his tools were almost too short and that he played joint mice that's what took so long. Joint mice? Its when part of the Cartlidge that he had just cut off gets loose in his leg, he says it is as hard to catch as it is to catch a mouse. The mouse was caught and we are happy its over.
After the surgery we dropped of his prescription for his percocet at Walgreen's they told me that they were out of it and so was all the surrounding Walgreen's, so I took it took Osco, went home put Stewart to bed,feed, bathed and put the kids to bed and went back up to get the pain meds at 8:15 to my surprise they close at 8:00 I about died. The doctor told us to not go with out his pain medicine and now they were closed until 9:00 am the next morning. I stressed for about an housr and then the local pharmacy pals came to my rescue. A special thanks to Bekki for her Vicidon and Jenni's Percocet we were saved!! I love my drug dealer friends :)
Yesterday Stewart was stir crazy and wanted to get out of the house so we decided to go to Walmart. Now remember he has on knee high panty hose (compression socks), and shorts and he was driving the automated wheelchair. The kids had a blast but honesty I think Stewart had more fun cruising around, he says everyone should have the chance to ride one.

He has crutches at home and the boys are enjoying them as well.
Here's our little monkey boy
And Owen
Stewart had to stop eating at midnight the night of the surgery and man oh man was he a bit grumpy without his morning Mt. Dew. He couldn't wait to get home to have one
Overall it as been great. He has been a great patient panty hose and all and Owen has been such a big helper. I am glad it is over and I am sure he is too. Thanks to all the phone call, text messages, drugs and to my mom for watching Ethan we couldn't have done it without the help. We love you all.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year's

We pretty much party hopped last night. We went to my sisters, neighbors, and ended back at our place where the real party started with my sister and her family.
This is me, Kayden, Alyssa and Ethan. Kayden usually doesn't look so silly but she had just gotten hurt on the bouncer and needed some love from her favorite Auntie

Ethan and Alyssa kept hugging each other every chance they had Lynsey and Jim stopped by the store on their way over and got some W.T. fireworks that the kids completely enjoyed Ethan thought is was the funniest thing he had ever heard. He was belly laughing every time one went off. I told Owen to go put on his shoes and this is what he came back with , the santa hat and no shoes. Go figure
When the fireworks were gone the toys came out. The boys had a blast riding the bikes and quads up and down the street Well Lynsey enjoyed it as well :)

Owen was determined to stay up until midnight, at about 10:30 we were tired so Lynsey and I started setting the clocks up and we celebrated new years at about 11:00. Its really crappy when your kid can tell time :)
The best and loudest Party Blower goes to?Not these 3...You guessed it. LYNSEY!!She was really on her game last night it must have been the quad ride from earlier :) (I will save her some embarressment and not let you enlarge the picture to see the full facial expression)The Drunk of the night goes to?
Ethan, what a great Mom I am letting my 2 year old get wasted on apple cider, should I be worried?
Owen was sad to see the night end. He didn't want his Uncle Jim to leave, it must be because "He just understands him" (ha ha Lyns)We rang in the New Year with great company. Thanks for the laughs and good times.
Overall the year hs been crazy, stressful, hard, etc.. just kidding it has been a good year. I am grateful for a good husband, my sweet (most of the time) boys, a great family and our health. I am however praying for a better year in 2009 lets be honest aren't we all?