Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our Family Campout

(Warning long post)
This last weekend Stewart and I decided to take the kids camping. I am not sure what drug I was on, why would I recommended such a vacation? I am here to tell you Melanie Adams went camping. I am using my maiden name in this because if you know us Adams girls we do NOT camp, unless it is at the Hilton Resort, so you all better be really proud of me for this one. We went to this fun little place outside of Payson that Lawana had told us about. We found this good campsite that backed up to a creek. There was no water in it but lots of rocks, sticks ,trees and dirt for the kids to get dirty in. We set up our tent and was in the process of putting up the canopy when it started raining or should I say POURING for an hour straight. As you can see in the picture below me and the kids ran for the tent and left Stewart standing there holding the canopy up. I knew eventually his arms would get tired and he would join us, mean to leave him maybe but it made for a funny picture

I agree Ethan this sticks. sitting in a tent starring at each other is barrels of fun. At this point I was trying to think of how I could convince Stewart that the Hilton has openings :)

It finally stopped raining and Stewart set out to get the fire started with wet wood. Everything was wet, our camping chairs, food, clothes, bedding you name it, it was soaked. So while Stewart was being a boy scout I decided to take the kids to the creek behind us you know the one with no water. Well that sure changed. The kids were in heaven. They could have stayed in that clean water all night. They splashed and jumped and threw rocks for what felt like forever.

I don't think Ethan left that spot it, he threw one rock after another
I know his outfit is a bit questionable but hey we are camping
Owen jumping and playing
After they about froze to death we got them in clean clothes and set down for dinner. Yes Stewart was a true Boy Scout and made a fire start with wet wood. We cooked foil dinners yummy!
We took the kids on hike or "Adventuring" as Owen would call it.
When it got dark we set on wet camping chairs and roasted marshmellows for smores
Ethan throwing rocks in the fire
Owen was the designated marshmellow roaster. He would cook them for so long they would expand and then fall in the fire he had to have done it a 100 times.
all Ethan wanted was the chocolate and as you can see he fully enjoyed it
About 9:00 we decided we should start putting the kids to sleep. Ethan has never slept anyone but in a crib so we had no idea how he was going to do. To our surprise he laid right down on the air mattress and went right to sleep. He fell asleep before Owen did. We couldn't believe it. I laid there in my wet sleeping bag covered up with my wet blanket thinking how glad I was we weren't at the Hilton. My boys had so much fun playing in the rain and getting dirty and they were both sound asleep what more could a mother ask for. Well all those cozy feelings left at 12:30 am when some idiot decided to set up camp right in front of our tent with his loud diesel truck running and the headlights shinning right into out tent making it light as day and then yelling back and forth to each other like it was 12:30 in the after noon. I couldn't believe it. Have you never heard of Camping Etiquette? Ok I haven't either but seriously there needs to be such a thing. Well of course it woke up my sweet little angel from above and this is what we had on our hands
Ethan wide awake hitting the door on the tent screaming "Get me outta here", or "Owea" (akaOwen). Getting him to go back to sleep was out of the question. Every time we tried he would totally freak out yelling and crying.
Yes, Owen slept through the whole thing. I don't know how he did, it must be because his brothers voice is so soft and quiet!! yeah right I am sure everyone else at the camp site was cussing us out. So after about an hour of trying to get him to sleep we realized it wasn't going to happen, so we packed up camp in the middle of the night with flashlight lights and went home. It was a race with the sun. We knew we had to get home before the sun came out or the kids wouldn't go back to sleep.

So I am sure you are all wondering if I would do it again? Of course I am a Jones and the Jones' camp. I really did have a good time. It was fun to be as a family with no cell phones no computers becoming one with nature :) Plus what great memories we made.
Do I deserve the Mother of the Year Award or what!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our little Dare DEVIL

Owen has been begging his Dad to fix his quad. Stewart finally found the part and fixed it for him this weekend. He was so excited to be able to ride it again. Owen is timid and anything but brave he will only drive in low gear and just sitting on the quad not moving is exciting enough for him, Ethan on the other hand has different idea of FUN. He jumped on that thing and was driving in high gear like a crazy person, hopping curbs, jumping rocks, driving backwards anything he could do to make his OLDER brother scream in fear. You can tell in this picture Ethan his having a great time and Owen is trying to figure out away to bail off without getting hurt. There is something seriously wrong with this when the not yet 2 year old is driving around the almost 5 year old. He has such a smug look on his face in this picture. Its almost like "Watch out Mom I will run you over too"
Owen just happy and content to be sitting on his quad somewhere other than in the garage collecting dust.
It is crazy how different my boys are. They are complete opposite. They make me laugh and smile everyday. I love Owen for his sweet sensitive side always looking out for him Mom and taking such good of his bother in spite of Ethan beating on him, and Ethan for his fun adventurous, curious, crazy, always getting into something keeping me on my toes side. I am lucky to have them both and wouldn't trade them in for the world.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kids say the funniest things

In preparation for Kindergarten Owen has informed me of the list of things he needs to get before school starts:

1. back Pack
2. Paper
3. Pencil
4. Lap top Computer

Ok back up the truck, what 4 year old thinks that a lab top computer is a requirement for kindergarten? He has also informed me that "Mom there will be times when I come home from school after you go to bed just like Daddy, don't wait up and that will be ok" Oh my he is 4 going on 20. We are trying to explain to him the difference between Daddy school and little boy school. There is no Wi-Fi connection or PDF files in Kindergarten and that there will NEVER be a time that he will come home from school and I would already be asleep. He says that he wants to go to school for as long as possible because its more time to learn. He is CLEARLY ready for kindergarten.

Mom on the other hand is have a hard time with it as I know so many other Mom's are too. I am sending my baby to kindergarten all day. Is he ready? Have I taught him all he needs to know to face this crazy world? Have I taught him right from wrong? Does he know how to defend himself if he needs too? Will he eat is lunch or go hungry? I know this is all crazy stuff but seriously he is only 4 yrs. old. I am sure he will do fine, it is me to be worried about. He is a good little boy with the greatest desire to learn. I will miss him around all day long and the times when Ethan is asleep and its just us reading books, watching movies or just hanging out together, but I am sure he will be having more fun there then hanging out with his boring old Mom. I love you son remember who you are!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July Weekend

(warning really long post)
We spent the weekend up in Heber at my parents cabin. We had such a great time. The weather was great. All the boys wanted to do was play outside something they cant do down in the valley. We spent a lot of time on quad rides. Uncle Jim took Owen and Austin for a ride in the RangerAustin insisted on driving so we thought what the heck The boys all buckled up for the ride
I know this picture is random but I have to show you all that my OCD behavior has already been passed down to Ethan. He had to have all of his dinner in separate bowls with separate forks. Man I am trouble We took the kids to a parade on Sat. Every walk of life was in it. It was pretty amusing. Owen loves horses and was really excited to pet one Best seat in the house
We got Owen a sling shot before we left he kept telling me he wanted to kill an animal with it.
There was a carnival on sat that we took the boys to. They had a petting zoo there. There was goats, chickens, duck, pigs, dog and the biggest bunny I have ever seen.

I wasn't sure if Ethan would like it, boy howdy I was wrong. He was chasing those animals around pulling there tails, at one point the lady was telling him to be soft. Clearly she did not know who she was letting in with her animals. Soft and Ethan don't even belong in the same sentence. They had a blast
They had some ponies for the kids to ride on, since Owen keeps telling me he has "waited his whole life to ride a horse" we thought we should prob let him.

Owen picked this horse because it was the biggest (that's is the competitive side in him, always has to have the biggest and the fastest) her name was "Misty"
Ethan looked so cute in his helmet
The fun really started that night. We busted out the Wii and man did it competitive up stairs. I am surprised my parents and the kids slept that night. We boxed are hearts out. No one could move the next day. Here's every ones "Tough Man" pictures
Lynsey Jim
I had to save this picture for last. I look like a cross between a ballerina, Chinese, W.T. freak! I did kick some serious bottie!!
We took the kids to a firework show that night. They had shaped fire works Owen loved them and Ethan didn't move a muscle .
Thanks Mom and Dad for a great weekend and Lynsey and Jim for some great laughs. We love you all!!