Saturday, December 5, 2009


Owen is playing Flag Football with a bunch of kids from the neighborhood and totally enjoying it. This is the first sport that he has really enjoyed doing. In fact he sleeps, eats, and goes to school with his Football he would take it to church but we make him leave it in the car for the 3 hour block. I know such mean parents. Today Owen made his first touch down he has been talking about how bad he wanted to make one all season. I think I have turned into that crazy mom that jumps up and down yelling and cheering when there child has the ball cuz to be honest I am not sure who was more happy he made the touch down Owen or his Mom :) None the less I am so proud of him!!
This is what happens when you get ten 5-6 years old together and try to take a picture

Coaches: Brett, Ryan and Adam
Preston, Ryan, Rhett, Easton, Chancin, Ethan, Braden, Collin, Owen, Davis

Great Coaches, Great Players, Great Team
Go Knights!!
(For the record we are undefeated, even though they don't take score, Adam does :)


bekki said...

I wish I could see you jumping up and down. I would be so happy too. Way to go Owen

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

How fun! I keep forgetting that you are blogging again and so I go for days before I check in! The snow in Tempe looked so fun! I wish I were a good mom and knew about stuff like that.

Aimee's Family Journal said...

K. Owen looks really good in purple. Too bad that isn't a color he can wear more often! Cutie pie boys.

Summer said...

I can totally picture you being one of those moms!! I can hear your screaming right now in fact!

Church Fam said...