Saturday, June 6, 2009

Park Night

We found a really great park that we went to last night. The kids had a blast, but by the looks of the pictures I am not sure you had more fun them or Tina? You be the judge!
Ethan, Jared, Owen, Kian, Ezra, Tyler

Tina Climbed the "Biggest" wall there :) and made it look so effortless



Kid at heart


Tina, Brig & cutie pie Eden

Ezra and Owen

Who ever said you were too big to swing?
Dean, Stewart, Tina and Brig

Ethan & Ashton

We had a great time the weather was perfect and the kids had fun.


Muche's Smala said...

Looks like Tina had fun...oh, and the kids too ;)

Ezra, Kian, & Eden said...

That was a lot of fun! I'm glad you and Stewart shared the location of that's a blast! We'll have to make some more trips out there if this beautiful weather holds up.

keepingupwiththewootans said...

We love the park! I hate it when it starts getting HOT cause all the toys at the park are hotter than outter darkness.

Gray Family said...

Where is this great park? Is it a secret or can you share? I love that the "kids" had a great time - what could be more fun than a bunch of boys running, climbing and playing!

Aimee's Family Journal said...

I would love it if you shared the secret! That place looks great.

bekki said...

Looks like you all had a great time

Taya said...

Good times!!!! And yes, where is that nice park???? :)

Aimee's Family Journal said...

This is your longest blogging hiatus ever! I hope you are doing well. I can't wait to hear Stewarts news!

Jenni said...

You need to stop facebooking so much and start updating your blog so I can see pictures! Love ya!